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Swift Shine Car Wash

Country United States
State Kansas
City Topeka
Address 5821 SW 21st

Swift Shine Car Wash Reviews

  • Jan 12, 2022

I went into the car wash and spent between $10 and $15 to completely wash my Cadillac. I went to the final, crucial part...the NON SPOT RINSE! There is little benefit of using the expensive car wash verus washing at home since the TREATED water does indeed make your vehicle "spot free". This is the 2nd time.

I bought a subscription from these folks for $32.95 per month and was supposed to get 1 car wash per day, 7 per week, 30 per month and 365 per year. Alas, 80% of the time the d**n car wash was broken down and I couldn't use my wash. I did reach out to the owner this time and he said "the pump is broke, wash at home!"...yes, I have the text!

He is ripping off the entitre community with total morass...once you have spent the money you can't get it back and you have to go to another car wash to get your car clean. I told the owner he should put a sign up and his reply was "stop bitching and wash elsewhere"...DO NOT USE THESE CAR WASHES!!

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