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Supreme Garcinia Cambogia

Country United Kingdom
State England
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Supreme Garcinia Cambogia Reviews

  • Aug 4, 2017

These people are scam artists! When you buy something on a free trial basis ($4.95 shipping), they claim there is a money back guarentee. When you call to get a refund, firstly, they are very hard to understand, secondly, they try to rush you through the call and don't completely explain the process. I returned my product and sent back the entire order because I was not satisfied with it. The guy I spoke to about getting a refund stated I would recieve all my money back ($290) for 3 separate charges. When I called a week later to see if they had rec'd my returned order and I would only be refunded 2 of the 3 charges. So in the end, this free trial ended up costing me $100+ for a product that did not work, and certainly not something I would go out and buy for $100. If you question the charges or anything for that matter, they get an attitude with you. I asked to speak to a supervisor and the guy told me that they will contact me in 2 days. If someone calls me in 2 days, how on earth do I know it's even someone who works at that company, let alone a supervisor. My advice to anyone thinking of ordering this product or other products, beware of the policies, hidden charges etc. Check your account statement frequently to be aware of bogus charges. This is the last time I order anything online unless it is a reputable company!!!

  • Feb 8, 2017

Late Nov 2016 I was on a website and noticed an article about Garcinia

Cambogia. Intrigued, I read the post full of testimonials and inspiring


That was it! I pulled out my credit card and ordered the TRIAL of GARCINIA

because it was only going to cost me shipping.

During the ordering process, I was offered the Pure Cleanse & the

opportunity to go on a subscription for the product.

*I was careful to decline both ( I did not select the check box). *

Sometime in December, the product arrived. One thing that surprised my was

the fact the PURE CLEANSE product was INCLUDED! I DID NOT order that


I considered it a marketing ploy and did not think anything of it.

In early January, I received an email notification something was to be

delivered to my home. I was not expecting anything and was SHOCKED to see

it was another bottle of GARCINIA CAMBOGIA!! :(

It was then, I knew I had made a terrible mistake in trying the TRIAL


I immediately jumped on the phone and was told I was charged the full amount for a product I didn't order.

I returned the bottle of Garcinia Cambogia.

To return this item ( I didn't ask for) cost me *$13.30*. Why should I have to pay to return an item I didn't ask for?

My account was officially canceled on Jan 12, 2017.

I want to be clear that I should have never HAD TO CANCEL this account!! I DID NOT sign up for a subscription.

I ONLY agreed to receive the TRIAL OFFER and to pay for the shipping for it to get to me!

They even overcharged me for that!

After reviewing my credit card statement I noticed 8 UNAUTHORIZED PAYMENTS all surrounding this TRIAL OFFER!

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