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Sun Communities, Inc.

Country United States
State Michigan
City Southfield
Address 27777 Franklin Road, Suite 200
Phone 507-533-4743

Sun Communities, Inc. Reviews

  • Sep 11, 2020

Moved in back in 2016 to pin oak parc in Missouri. Had i known then the type of company sun communities was I would have never signed the lease agreement. This company has to be the worst property management company out there. They treat us residents like crap and make us pay out of pocket for everything. I'm pretty sure we are paying for the company to exist because they don't seem to pay anything out of THEIR pocket. Everything gets taken out of the residents pockets. Plus they like to harass and treat residents like crap.

God forbid you dont mow your yard when THEY want you to they harass you till you do. Dont bother going to them with complaints or concerns they don't care. They admitted to me us residents pay the taxes on THEIR properties. They seem to just sit in their HQ and rake in the money while us residents go broke trying to afford their luxurious lifestyle. They are a bunch of greedy slumlords that need to be put out of business.

  • Nov 4, 2016

First, the Lease Agreement states: NO STREET PARKING. Whenever you, your visitor, or any car is parked on the street it is subjected to be towed at that owner’s expense. You lease is a contractual agreement.

Secondly, my lawn and 3 other lawns are mowed on the same day. These lawns are cut to the same height. On Friday night I receive a written notice to cut my lawn by Monday. What is not fair treatment is that 2 out of the 4 lot residents were issued notices to cut their lawns by Monday. The grass height was less than 2 inches in when the notices were issued.

Third, in addition to the Community Rules there are additional WRITTEN pool rules you should read… restricting your number of guest to 2 guest per household and children are restricted only to use swimming aids, no balls or water toys allowed.

Fourth, your water meter is during the first week of the month and that payment is due on the 1st of the following month. But, if you have a credit on your account they deducted that amount from their ledger about 15 days before the 1st of the following month.

Lastly, you should find and speak to a current resident that are not happy with the management before renting or buying and evaluate for YOURSELF.

Because I choose NOT TO renew my lease, I will be charged $21.00 a month extra for renting the land. I have decided to not renew my lease and sell my mobile home via a realtor not connected with Sun Communities. I am sure I will get a lot more than Sun Communities will offer me. Hoping to sell it to someone who will move it out of this mobile home park because I would not want responsible for someone else’s lack of peacefulness and enjoyment.

  • Oct 27, 2016

My family and I have lived in the stonebridge community for 6 years now. We have never had any issues with management or anyone in the community until Veronica Garcia took over management position here. Our vehicle and friends vehicles have been towed for being parked in dead end streets which was never a problem with previous management.

Veronica claims that the rules have not changed since she has taken over, however the rules state that there will be no street parking (in front of houses) whatsoever due to the fact that streets are narrow and it could block emergency vehicles.(totaly understandable) Veronica insists that the no dead end parking rules are in the original lease agreement (not in mine)and refuses to give anyone a copy of any notices previously sent out. My lease agreement says no on street parking as well as their tow signs posted at both entrances of the community.

Nowhere in the original rules list does it state no dead end parking. Veronica sent a memo about no dead end parking which was placed inside a community news letter which was left on our porch instead of an official community memo taped to the door like all other notices are sent.

The rules in the community do not apply to Veronica her family, friends, or any of the other employees that work for her. There is to be no vehicle parking in vacant lots (which her family is allowed to do on numerous occasions), there is no parking available for guests that are over after 9 pm. No one is allowed to park in the visitor parking by the office unless a parking permit is received which if you have a guest come over after the office closes they cannot stay passed 9 pm when they start towing certain vehicles parked on the street after 9 pm.

I have seen the same few vehicles left parked in front of the office with no parking permits displayed yet they are allowed to be parked there for days and weeks without issue.

There is a laundry list of harrassment that myself my family and many other long time residents here have had to deal with since coming under new management. I have tried contacting and informing their corporate offices of my complaints on many occasions only to be told someone will contact you in 1-2 business days. (no returned calls)

Management has come into our backyard while we were home and told my child to go inside and for friends to go home as they are not allowed to play unsupervised. This manager has been nothing but rude, callous, and condescending. For instance, I was having trouble paying the lot rent during the holidays and recieved a knock on my door to find Veronica and a member of her staff on my porch asking about payment. I explained that i was having trouble with making the full payment to which she replied very casually "everyone has to pay rent" and walked off.

I pay almost the same amount in lot rent that I do for the mortgage on my home. This lot rent has gone up from 348 to 521 plus water in the last 2 years and will only continue to go up every year. So please do not be fooled by their discounted prices because if they talk you into purchasing your home you will be stuck with a mortgage and a very high lot rent after the first year. If you are looking to move in to the stonebrige community do not be fooled by their family friendly claims. They very obviously pick and choose who to harrass in this place.

Just to be clear I fully expect some sort of retaliation from management here if they are made aware of this complaint. They have harrassed my family and many other residents here far too long, so I can only hope others will file complaints as well until something is done about the treatment people living here recieve.

  • Apr 1, 2016

There lease is a scam, the lot rent is a rip off, high increases every year. Your earned credit from renting is B.S. they jack the price up over retail value. When you go to buy. They will not reply to any complaints. Century 21 ownes sun community 's. They scam the crap out of you. The keep your security deposit no matter how good you leave it. They will not give you time to move out and clean your rental. Buyer Beware

  • Aug 13, 2015

I have had nothing but problems with this community ever since we moved in 9 months ago. It took over a week to finally get into the place that I was renting after a long, stressful, rediculously unprofessional management staff finally got the correct paper work done. I have lived here for 9 months and maintenance issues do not get done in a timely manner. Waited 6 months to receive my shed; which needs to still be leveled. My yard is a pool after it rains, so trying to maintain the yard is very difficult (have to wait for the water to subside and dry out enough to mow). I have been charged excessive water/sewer fees (we reported a leak that was checked out but continue to have problems), as well as, just recently started charging me for trash (which they just now caught on their end after 9 months). My screens have yet to be put on/replaced after 9 months. The trim on the walls keeps falling off. I am currently in a lease until the end of December, but I am contimplating leaving early due to all of these issues. I told the office receptionist that I would be looking for alternative housing. Although this will be a breach of my lease, I refuse to stay here any longer.

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