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Country United States
State Alabama
City Oneonta
Address 1717 2nd Ave E
Phone 205.493.2345

SuchGear Reviews

  • Jun 8, 2021

This company has done nothing but lie to me and take my money! On 2/24/21 I recieved an invoice from Josh Such of Such Gear, 1717 2nd Ave E Oneonta AL 35121 for custom appearl I had ordered. It was for $1,970.00. On 2/26 I was charged $2,280.00 on my credit card. In April not having recieved my merchindise I opened a dispute on my credit card. Mr. Such then lied to the fruad department saying he was waiting on sizes from me to complete the order.

I have commuication from Mr. Such saying he was unable to complete the order due to his mental health issues and proff that all needed information was sent to Mr. Such not once - but twice. I have hired an Attorney and am suing his company for a refund and him personally for fruad.

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