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Studio 6 El Paso

Country United States
State Texas
City El Paso
Address 11049 Gateway Blvd W
Phone 1 915-594-8533

Studio 6 El Paso Reviews

  • Sep 16, 2022

I made a reservation online for a single room with one bed and kitchen.

I arrived and paid the one week and saw that the room was defective.

No cooktop at all.

There was some kind of greasy slobbery goop on each headboard.

A new cheap plastic counter top, and a badly installed sink was it.

Fridge was located in the wrong area.

Smoke detector was beeping all the time and hanging from the ceiling by wires.

The room had 2 beds I only need one.

There were no towels and no wash clothes likely since they knew I'd not need them.

The shower was defective, no hot water and the drains were plugged.

Black crud smelling of motor oil and a solvent akin to acetone was coming up from the drains.

This went on with no hot water for three days, I then asked that since it was not fixed, could another room be offered?

They agreed and I moved all my things over.

The housekeeper entered early before I was ready and was making up the room going through my things.

Why? It is not fixed.

Second Room:

I went to the second room and was greeted with:

Sharp metal strips exposed on the floor.

A shower unit with interior ceiling lamps.

A bad idea given the abusive and violent other devices around.

Many holes in the wall where flat screens used to be.

Some kind of poop smeared on the wall by the entry door.

The walls and door were covered with slime and grease.

The room REEKED of urine.

The lamps and fixtures were caked with layers of dust that took years to accumulate.

The bedding for each bed was decrepit and the casing of the mattresses were broken open.

The pillows were filthy.

The cooktop had no knobs and the glass plate was loose, debris was packed into the burners and potentiometers.

No remote for TV.

Credenza/Dresser was damaged, missing bottom drawer face, and was covered in crud.

There was pet damage by chewing and of course urinating on things.

The dog had chewed on the phone, AirCon, dresser, bedding, and other items.

The phone had no face plate and no handset. Unusable.

There was no hot water in bath sink an no aerator.

Done to obfuscate water problems and efforts to damage the first room.

Done to make me look stupid and confuse me.

AirCon unit is damage and caked with some kind of muddy goop.

Smoke detector is absent.

Use Of Shills:

As I want to get packages and from observing other "guests", I encountered:

People walking dogs and having them defecate in front of my door each time I received orders.

As they stared into my room they then would gesture to me for some reason.

These people do not know me.

As I went to front desk to pay or get parcels, people would follow me, one time racing up behind me and throwing themselves at my back, same person later sat on the stairs and called me by name as a question.

This person had a nose ring. Another person would constantly race around the upper walkway every day for hours walking in circles and smelling as being drunk.

Other people would follow me to front desk, and make gestures as they stood in my way, blocking exit from the office wiping tears from their cheek.

Overall the confrontational, aggressive, passive aggressive, abusive, and contentious nature of the people proves they have illegal knowledge and the staff is involved to make this happen. Certainly when they persist as they did.

This related to the other people in the rooms say with man in 241.

Staff Nonsense:

During the course of the stay while making payments to renew I was lied to constantly, they offered a better rate when staying longer, with them even having a printed page taped to front desk saying that, taxes were stolen from me, numbers were invented and made up, being as much as 2 times the online rate, which they agreed they'd discount.

All in all a horror show. With the efforts to defraud me it seems that my bank and the CC processor acted, I had to replace my card and as that was sent, the front desk hid and retained it from me.

This was an effort to render me homeless for July 4. How patriotic! Calling again had them make up numbers close to $1,000, lowering it to $900 for a renew on a defective room for 14 days time.

They lied again saying I was paid to 17th when in fact I was paid to 18th. etc. That ended it for them. I left for cause.

Monkey Man In Room 241:

A short black haired man in Room 241 was some form of shill installed by hotel staff to harm and abuse people living there. This person had no credible use, never left his room to do anything of substance and spent all of his time doing one thing and one thing only, violently smashing heavy things onto the floor and bashing on the walls.

This went on for months and I called within a few days of getting to the new room and nothing was done. The effort made here was a Herculean marathon of stupid with him smashing on the floor three times in 4 seconds, doing that again 1 minute later, and doing so with some gaps over 24 to 36 hours at a time. Insane.

Doing this would shake my floor and this was the intent. Calls to front desk staff, this would cause them to look and prove his outside acts as being wrong, had them claim that he can't speak to him since he only speaks Turkish.

A dodge and lie for fact he is doing illegal surveillance, and it is OK since the feedback problems from audio, likely visual too, are innocuous. He speaks English and I proved it forcing him to do so. I would see akin patterns coming from the side that joined my kitchen/bathroom wall.

People would smash on the floor as I used the shower, the defective sink in the bath, or when I would use the toilet. Same for kitchen wall area, and at one point something must have broken and I could hear air leaking from a pressure vessel in the sink area. This is a Circus Land Fun House.

This person overall was too quiet and sneaky, appeared to follow me around as I moved in my room, would yell at other times at his cell phone, parade back an forth on the upper walkway, screaming at his phone, parking by my AirCon unit, etc. Horrid.

Boy Without Lobes:

A young man who had stylish black metal rings drilled into his earlobes had various issues while I was there:

This staffer would run the front desk doing check ins and outs, taking money and extending stays.

He also at times did work outside such as lawn mowing.

The walk behind mower had a rear bag for capture of the clippings.

Despite that he would not use it, but instead raked the grass onto the sidewalk and then back again into the yard area.

This went on for 4 iterations or more. Sidewalk, lawn, sidewalk, lawn, etc. Loony.

This speaks to why the other repairs are done wrong as well.

Another person would use a leaf blower to dry and sculpt the dog poop in the yards.

I called to extend on Sunday July 03, 2022, and lobeless boy answered at the desk and said I was paid to end of month. Someone else paid he indicated. So that seemed wrong.

Overall this says these people know they have an accounting and chain of custody problem. Since once my payment is made at the POS terminal, this is out of my hands. And in fact errors or payments to my room may be misapplied, made by others, or via acts by managers there.

Problems could happen at all other points outside of my control. Less than an hour later he knocked at my door, indicated I owed over $1,000.00, said I needed to pay something like $2,000.00, or he would have to call the police and have me removed.

They planned and attempted to drain my account and fraud it into a hold pattern. I was in fact paid until Friday July 08, 2022. I keep track. And paid one week, then each time after that 14 days. Always then Friday to Friday. Done for various reasons.

He was verbally abusive, lied to me, falsely accused me, accused my bank (Why not accuse Visa and Mastercard the CC processors too?), he threatened me, and then did various forms of sleight of hand.

I in effect said this is wrong, and as he persisted with his want for Police action I said fine call them, without saying you won't have a choice now, and I went to close the door in his face.

I had all I needed. The biggest favor I could do him was that. He persisted, so I said fine, now we are done.

I told him to come in and view my bank statement proving him wrong. He came in, said my notes are wrong, they are not, and that my bank is wrong. They might be but he can't prove or know that, and none of that helps him.

As he left he muttered "Bless You". I see a Jesus problem here. He has no proof to make those claims. This person suffers akin warts to his other staffers, God complexes. He demanded I come down to pay him now, his way to punish me for doing them the favor of paying 5 days earlier to avoid any (Intentional) last minute confusions.

I am a fool. I complied since it made sense to do so, he then changed the days around, did more mumbo jumbo, decided that I would pay just over $400.00, he extended me to Sunday July 17, 2022 and as he looked at their flat screen payment pad, he said you are right.

He knew he was caught and then offered the $400.00 amount as some kind of bribe. I still overpaid and wanted to pay 14 days not 9. Again I am paying on a two bed unit where I wanted a single, and both rooms are damaged and out of service.

This was done to cover the other acts of theft, theft of taxes, and crimes done by the women at the desk.

That also included sleight of hand, and lies related to the actual room rates. As I left the office I asked him to talk to me more, attempting to say maybe he or they made a mistake, and he admitted not. So that ends it.

Subsequent to that he made numerous efforts to enter my room for no reason, at times once knowing I was there, deciding not to, later attempting to enter when I did not respond to him, his pass card was locked out by then, and another time he asked and was allowed to enter with the want or claim to inspect for damage.

Too late, the hot water in the bathroom was turned off for months, and I asked them to fix it right away and did so many times. The room was dirty and cooktop was inoperable. He confirmed it by fixing the water by turning the valve back on.

The deposit taken at check in was not discussed, I did not authorize it, it showed up later, and is in fact theft since the damage is too severe, and the rooms are out of service. We discussed the cooktop and he lied saying it was working.

That is impossible since it lacked knobs, and had been like that for years. He ran out saying he'd bring knobs, which only would either start a fire, or prove him wronger. He tripped on fact I might use pliers to operate that or remove the faucet aerator to use a filter. Clever folks this. He never returned to make that true either.

Pool and Deck Area:

Both pool door gates are jammed, blocking egress from inside pool areas.

The pool is a constant shade of cruddy green color.

The pool chairs, and chaise lounges, are all broken and useless.

Sitting on them is impossible.

Tables and umbrellas are all broken.

Items such as broken glass bottles, rusty metal bottle caps, and other debris litter the decking area.


Machines in both areas are filthy, caked with grime and grease which splashes down into the machines.

Machine tops are also covered with crud that stains clothing.

Door latch jams trapping people inside.

Machines malfunction stopping with dirty water in them.

Card readers are jammed and apt to damage debit/credit cards.

Dryers are caked with burnt on crud inside the drums.

Grounds and Parking:

No diligence by staff or guests.

Numerous dog owners who act oddly. They always seem to have their dog poop outside my door as I get deliveries.

Dog poop is scattered all over the lawn areas.

This includes walkways, and pool areas.

Flies and other pests are rampant.

Dumpster is stacked to overfilling.

One guest has his dog out at all hours of day and night without a leash.

This causes him to constantly scream the dog's name PUMPKIN??? PUMPKIN??? ...

This is a dodge to blame the dogs for the bad acts related to privacy that owners and staff enact.

Overall staff is too complacent, and now is known to be complicit. The people don't belong there.

That is all, there is more but I am leaving it there.

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