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Strategic Publishing Group, LLC

Country United States
State Florida
City Boca Raton
Address 1956 NE 5th Ave #9
Phone 561-235-5600

Strategic Publishing Group, LLC Reviews

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  • Mar 2, 2016

This company is a complete scam. They arent even smart enough to change their address with the company name. This is officially the THIRD time they have called me, and the crazy part is, they have a different name and website every year. You know they are a SCAM when they can't even keep the same company name for longer than a year a time. Look for yourself people, do your homework. CC Publishing, Elite Exposure Marketing, Strategic Publishing. They are all the same company, same owner, same slick talking employees. The most interesting part of this whole thing, is when you search the owenrs name Mark McGinley. It says he now owns a business called Sober City LLC and Atlantic Coast Sober Living LLC. What the heck is this guy up to? There is a silver lining here people. I reached out to the attorney general and ther said they were well aware of him, and that they have been investigating him for a while. Why they haven't done anything to stop this mad man is beyond me! We can only hope it is because with every new person he scams he is going to spend an extra year in jail. DO NOT GIVE THEMYOUR MONEY!!

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  • Apr 19, 2016

Not the same company!

Do your research,The company was bought by a investor in June of 2015.

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  • Nov 23, 2016

Actually came out well

I checked and saw this research expert on here saying how its a scam. Nope. I got a great Ad and actually my business profit has gone up, and this is the only advertising I have really done.

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  • Mar 11, 2017

A woman named Jamie called offering advertising services in local golf club/country club member directories. I paid for a full page ad at a supposed 1/2 page price of $700 including a full page article. I paid for advertising in 4 golf/country clubs in the southern area of my county. I faxed the contract agreement for services and payment. I was then contacted two days later by Scott Miner, supposed Director of Marketing and offered additional advertising in 4 additional clubs in the northern area of my county. I was offered the addtional contract at a supposed 1/4 page price of $400. I verified all the clubs, the company website, and could not find any poor reviews of the company online. I received 2 separate contracts and an ad mock up with my company informatmion. I sent corrections to and spoke with Marie in the art department. I was told I would get a final copy of the ad and article, as well as the printed copy of the directory prior to being released to the members. I never heard from the company again. The phone number is alternately not in service or there is a directory of voicemails. I emailed and left messages for SPG without response.

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