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Country China
City Harbin, Heilongjiang
Address 2F, Unit 4, No.20 Heqing Street, Daoli District
Phone 1 662 763 1824
Website Reviews

  • Jan 16, 2020

This is from a previous customer : "This is a fake website. I ordered a massage chair and got nothing. They sent me a tracking number that started with LN which the usps said that code is for 4 lbs or less they can't even send that through the mail and she said people are getting scammed.

They send a fake mail to wrong address and then it gets sent back or stolen and they claim it's your fault. They want you to fo to PayPal and get your money back but they want PayPal to pay a d they still got your cash and your information"

This is my experience which is the same as the above : "They are a Scam. Ordered product and paid for it (thank God I used paypal) item was shipped to wrong state on the other side of the United states from me. I have contacted them through there their support page and paypal seller account. ZERO response from them. Avoid this company at all costs"

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