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Stephanie Michaels

Country United States
State Michigan
City Commerce
Address 2022 Trowbridge Lane
Phone 1 (248) 470-5799

Stephanie Michaels Reviews

  • Sep 18, 2022

Today I discovered what a disgusting human being my sister is, In my opinion. My mother Alicia Garza had a stroke on August 14 2022. My mother being a very proud individual did not want me to even call an ambulance to pick her up. I had to walk her outside myself almost carrying her the whole way.

I have been with my mother every day since her stroke. Driving to Flint when McLaren originally shipped her up there to the stroke center. McLaren then shipped her to Oakland for a 23 day rehab.

Although my mother has made progress walking more and more steps each day getting stronger physically, her mental capacity is that of a toddler. She cannot string together sentences, imagining people in the room, and the saddest thing for me is she can’t remember my name.

Speech and occupational therapy worked with her every day in the inpatient rehab at McLaren Oakland. They did the best they could do as I sat and watched them and helped them get my mother to participate. They told me my mother did better with me being there then she did alone with a therapist.

Out of the 23 days I was there numerous times they tried to get my mother to Hold A marker or hold a pen and she could not do it.

Then miraculously on the day of my mothers discharge, September 16 2022 my sister Stephanie Michaels of Commerce MIchigan (wife of Neil Michaels Cantor at Temple Israel) was able to get my mother to hold a pen and sign her initials with perfect penmanship according to a notary.

That paper that my sister had my mother sign, (In my opinion, fraudulently) allowed my sister to come to mothers house and take her jewelry. God knows we need to wear jewelry (earrings) when we are in a hospital bed.

My sister also stole my computer which was not hers nor was it my mothers. My mother and I both had identical computers Through my sisters haste she took mine.

In my opinion, Stephanie Michaels is a disgusting human being. My mother told me she could not talk to Stephanie. I had pleaded with my mother to please try to work things out and get through to her. My mother would say it is of no use.

I guess mother knows best.

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