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Stephane Marchand

Country United States
State California
City Newport Beach

Stephane Marchand Reviews

  • Sep 21, 2022

This a*****e made several online threats to me and tried to listen to a little girlfriend Taylor Marriott and all the false rumors and lies that she could possibly spread. The woman showed up at my house and made several threatening advances committed assault and then got kicked out of my house.

She then informed her boyfriend to stick up for her rich she's got a history of vehicle or homicide alcoholism and worse she's a former playboy bunny that seems to got kicked out by most of her celebrity crowd.

I would stay away from her as well, they seem to be starting a company in partnership or a likely would be partnership. Unfortunately Steve is the only person that has any brains and will probably commit multiple crimes just to defend her.

Stay away from this problem couple they are not going to be nothing more than headaches for the entire community.

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