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Steepers Coffee & Teas

Country Canada
City Thornhill, Ontario
Address 7509 Yonge St
Phone 905-731-9054

Steepers Coffee & Teas Reviews

  • Apr 13, 2016

Steepers Coffee and Tea, Lanny and Marilyn entered into an agreement with Insiteful Solutions. The website was 90% completed when they decided to fire us, although they had paid only 60%. The 90% that was completed was work done by us that had to be changed numerous times as they kept changing there minds. We refused to give them the website files until they paid us for the rest of our services. They refused and then had the Credit Card company do a chargeback. We are the 2nd web design company they've done this too. Do not let them pay for the site with Credit Card, do yourself a favour if they call you for a website. They play the poor pitful me couple very well. Will try to pay for half the site and then finish putting products in on there own so as not to pay full bill..

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