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  • Mar 9, 2023

Some creep with a huge supremacy and narcissism complex has been repeatedly stalking my steam profile, taking stuff from my screenshots and artwork pages, posting them on the Halo MCC International C*** Day thread, and misusing them to spread misinformation about me, derail the original discussion, and gaslight for more chaos. Her Steam username is Bunneer and she is currently living in Sweden.

She also admits to being a troll who periodically harasses others on the Team Fortress 2 and Halo MCC communities, and wears the fact that she is a stalker who violates peoples' privacy (even illegally) like a badge of honor.

She has also admitted that she has a fetish for "dominating men", aka Femdom, which explains her atrociously pathetic and persistent bullying behavior against men and boys.

And the reason this c*** is terrorizing people? A mere disagreement with 343 Industries virtue-signalling malpractices.

You have to be several levels of mentally-ill to aggressively harass people who disagree with you like this with such embarassing, yet dangerous levels of vitriol.

I have already tried reporting her and her accomplices to Steam multiple times, but so far, they don't seem to give a s*** about it, so I will just report them all here instead.

Make no mistake, Bunneer is utterly unhinged and mentally ill. She needs to be locked away into an asylum forever.

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