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Stacy Berry

Country United States
State Michigan
City McMillan
Address 24518 State Highway M28

Stacy Berry Reviews

  • May 27, 2023

Stacy Berry is the biggest puppy mill in Michigan. I wish I had known before I bought my bulldog. She is a commercial breeder and is licensed by the state of Michigan. The state told her to clean up her kennels b/c they are full of dog poop. I contacted the state after my bulldog was diagnosed with parvo. She sold me a puppy in Feb 2023 and I knew something was wrong. She met me at the Lowe's store and was in a big hurry. She claimed she had to deliver other puppies and took my cash $2000 and gave me Elliot.

Elliot was lethargic and would not eat. I took him to the vet and found out he had parvo. The vet treated him and he pulled through but it cost me over $3000 in vet bills. I love Elliot and would do anything for him.

I told Stacy Berry about it and she told me that she had an issue with parvo. She said other puppies in the litter were sold to an Amish breeder in Indiana and they all died.

She would not pay for my vet bills. She told me to give Elliot back to her and I could have another dog. HELL NO I love Elliot.

She is irresponsible and a liar. She should have taken her puppies to the vet not wait until they all died. She is terrible person. Stay away from Hadherway Kennels in McMillan MI. PLEASE!!

  • Sep 17, 2022

I bought Link in 2018 from Stacy Berry (Hadherway Kennel) in McMillan Michigan. Link has chronic ear infections as a result of severe allergies. We have spent thousands at the vet and were at the vet every two weeks because of the ear infections.

We had the alergy test done and found he is allergic to wedds (some), grasses (several), cottonwood, mold, pollen, dust and storage mites and milk. The vet is now talking about immune therapy (injections and under the tongue drops.

We have had dogs before and never experienced dog allergies and ear problems. We are seeing a doggie dermatologist who tells us that these immune issues are genetic (passed down from one or both parents).

I contacted Stacy Berry to let her know because she is still breeding Link's mother and father (Layla and Trucker). She said immune defficiencies are not genetic. When I told her that the specialist said that they are genetic Stacy hung up on me. She then blocked me.

Please be aware that her dogs Layla and Trucker pass on immune defficency genetic markers to their puppies and it will cost you a lot of time and money to get it under control. Not to mention the pain and suffering the dog goes through.

  • Aug 15, 2022

I sold/re-homed my dog to Stacy Berry. She told me she was going to be his forever home. She didn't tell me she was a dog flipper puppy mill. Days later I found out she was re-selling my dog for 3 times what I sold him to her for.

She is flipping dogs, she flipped my dog and when I confronted her she threatened me and blocked me. I told her I would tell everyone what kind of person she was and she said 'I don't give a fu@k'. Read her text to me attached to this report.

She is well known for buying or finding stray dogs and putting them on Facebook to re-sell for profit. That's called dog flipping. Don't sell your dog to this puppy mill she is bad bad bad!!!

  • Mar 26, 2022

I wish I would have seen the other reviews about Stacy Berry Hadherway Kennels in McMillan Michigan before I bought my puppy from her last May. I fought months of Coccidia and other infections after getting him. He has a very sensitive system still at 10 months old. He has some agressive tendencies too. She told me his father's name is Trucker and that she can't let Trucker be with the other dogs because he is agressive.

We picked my puppy up in Boyne City. We visited him at her house before that. She has turned her entire house into a dog kennel. There are cages in every room and it stinks like urine and bleach.

I have had serious misgivings about keeping him but we are trying very hard to work with him. Stacy never offered to help with any of the vet bills related to the parasite infections that he had when she gave him to me.

She has now blocked me because I am speaking up about my experiences with her. It's a puppy mill called Haderway Kennels. Stay away from it all!!!!

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