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Squidders Overnight Lodge

Country United States
State North Carolina
City Vandemere
Address 1370 Pennsylvania Ave
Phone 1 252-670-2450

Squidders Overnight Lodge Reviews

  • Feb 27, 2024

Squidders Lodge I rented the lodge for a weekend, for some friends that were coming into town. It smelled damp and moldy, plus it also smelled like rotting fish. It seems the refrigerator stopped working earlier that week, and it had some leftover food still in it from previous guests. They replaced it with a dorm-sized model that wouldn't hold much. What food could not be put into the refrig, got partially eaten by rats. The television remote control was missing, so my guests could not watch TV at all. The bar next door in the same building was really loud at night. Not a good experience. Fortunately for my friends, a married couple, the local prostitutes didn't stop by (this time). I guess they only do that when the lodge is full of male hunters or fishermen. I guess there's nothing like taking some STDs home as a gift to the wife, from the meth-head hooker you met on your fishing or duck hunting trip. I won't be having anymore of my guests stay there. It really made me look bad.

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