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Spokane Dream Center

Country United States
State Washington
City Spokane
Address 2128 N Pines Rd #3
Phone 509-924-2630

Spokane Dream Center Reviews

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  • Apr 27, 2017

Spokane dream center is a cult that lady is honest my daughter left this morning and they told her to forget about her family did not send a letter she had written to her son did not contact me when she left the program and, did not return my phone calls.T his place is a cult my daughter needs to be checked out by medical dr yet they say jesus will heal her.. DO not send your child there.

P.s have your attrney comment i don't give a crap you people don't scare me but what your doing to people you should be afraid of the same god your claiming to worship your evil

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  • Jan 22, 2018

Spokane dream center

A person i know is there for a year program. What is the big deal of controlling the mind makes no sense. When they leave the world will still be a reality to deal with. How come they exist in a "program" why not help find a job or home first? This place makes no sense. At least at the mission i could see my friend. Now it is like he was abducted and is a hostage. They must be profitable with it.

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  • Jun 30, 2018

I've attended SDC until 2016. I've noticed how the disciples were treated. The ones who paid for the help were treated like gold, but if a homeless person would get into the program were treated like dirt by staff, paying disciples as well as church members and encouraged to leave. My friend who went in as a homeless person went through it and graduated from the program in spite of being set up to fail in 2011. That disciple found work right around the opening of their drama. You would think that the pastor would be happy, but she screamed at that disciple (who's only part was in the background) saying: YOU ARE IN REBELLION AND YOU WILL GO TO HELL.

After moving out that disciple did everything to be a part of the congregation, but the new program director encouraged the congregation to reject that disciple. Don't get me wrong, the program has helped many people, but what I saw done to the disciples who are poor is disgusting. That is why I left. I go to another church and that certain disciple goes there too, is doing great and to this day no one from SDC has ever called and invited that disciple to any of their so called "get togethers". If SDC would like to prove me wrong, call ALL of those graduated disciples, and not just the ones who could afford to pay.

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  • Aug 2, 2022

I graduated in 2012 in spite of the leadership trying to set me up for failure because I was a homeless man who asked too many questions. After I left the discipleship house I attended the church for 4 years until the director/associate pastor had me excommunicated and blacklisted in the local charismania community.

I'm doing good now and getting phyciatric care. I still can't get over the fact that I gave over 10% of my income to this cult.

  • Dec 19, 2020

I was there This place is more of a racket than a ministry, as are a lot of the Christian ministry drug rehab houses. I have a list. They are not being regulated even though they all are taking federal money. I was not ordered by court to go. I was just looking for fellow Christians. I met them at the airport and they took me straight to the building and took my cell phone away so I could not contact anyone instead of taking me to get a burger like they said they would. Liars. People who want to control you lie. A couple of the guys were talking about a feeling of warm water running down their head when the pastor's wife would teach us.

I felt it one time and just figured it was something in our breakfast. All we ever did was sit around watch T.V. and clean the church or have a car wash. In no way was this place try to enrich men with skills or work. Some of they guys would sneak out at night to party and score drugs (heroin). One day in church they brought a pair of sneakers two sizes too small for me and told me to put them on and be like everyone else. I guess they did not like my shoes which were the only pair I had. I explained to them that their shoes don't fit and they told me that they do. I refused and was taken into the office by the two top guys and again told to put the shoes on. I explained that I had a pair of boots being made at Whites factory in the Spokane that would be ready in a couple weeks. They didn't want to hear that. Their concern was to force me to put those shoes on. I told them to give me my cell phone back and they said I had to leave without talking to anyone. I left.

  • Mar 28, 2020

I am their victim.

It's a cult! They are hypocrites in the worst way. I was one of their disciples. I've graduated and I still have the certification to prove it. I know what happened to me. I came into the discipleship program as a homeless person who was expected to leave within a month. When I stuck with the program and graduated. The associate pastors did all they could to discourage me from becoming a member after graduation. And I thought that "Christians" were above having an ego.

Here are a few examples of what is to be expected by them.

1. Opposing critical thinking: I had several questions pertaining to their doctrines like where can I find it in the Bible? Normally I would be called a heritic just for asking for a scriptural reference. WOW!

2. Isolating members and penalizing them for leaving. This is where it goes crazy. First if the leaders can't have complete control of their disciples, that disciple is forced out of the congregation, shunned and labeled as a backslider. In other words, you don't leave you are forced out. Second if you attend a like minded church you will find yourself being shunned within a few weeks of trying to join. I've noticed this blacklist mentality with a lot of "Charismatic" churches.

3. Emphasizing special doctrines outside scripture. Whatever popular new wind of doctrines that spring up is wholeheartedly embraced until the next scandal exposes it's folly and then it's swept under the carpet as if nothing happened just in time for the next big "revival". Example: prosperity teachings and prophecy conferences.

4. Seeking inappropriate loyalty to their leaders. When I was a disciple of the dream center, there is an obsessive emphasis on the Easter drama by the pastors that goes on every day of the year. The actors that normally portray Jesus feel entitled to calling themselves Jesus even to the point of demanding disciples to bow down to them whenever they pass you.

This God complex is displayed by the pastors who would normally say things like; the Lord told me that you are sinning or make false prophecies among whomever they target.

5. Dishonoring the family unit. They prance around on stage saying we are your family until they can no longer control you.

6. Crossing Biblical boundaries of behavior. The leaders are known for screaming prayers at disciples, head games that include: telling me that I am not going to heaven, I'm not praying as well as threatening excommunication, phycological and physical abuse.

7. Separation from the Church. The crowning Jewel of the charismatic movement that includes shunning without the benefit of an explanation.

Don't let this happen to you.

  • Mar 9, 2018

Spokane dream center

My husband, a felon majority of his 48 years in planet earth, is there in the program. All I need are the divorce papers signed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's agonizing because the court is here in Texas.

When I did live in Spokane he refused to sign and told me to tear them up. Real mature right. Now I've got to be married to a total slime ball till i die cuz he cannot sign a paper????? Whay kind of place is this?

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