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Speed Queen

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 800-552-5475

Speed Queen Reviews

  • Jan 12, 2022

Both my husband & I have called the toll free 1-800-552-5475 Speed Queen Customer Service line. each time we have been put on hold for a long time and we finally used the call us back option as no one has time to stay on long wait to speak to someone. The new machine was delivered & we used it exactly 4 times & it quit working. Speed Queen gave us a local repairman covered under their "Limited Warranty" who said all of the computer panels were defective along with the Lid Lock which also didn't work .

So after purchasing a brand new defective washing machine we have been going to a local laundromat to wash clothes while waiting for this to be resolved. I called them again to express my total dissatisfaction with being sold a defective washing machine that never should have left their warehouse. They could have cared less with the normal Im so sorry your frustrated for which I replied we are not going to put this on me, this is a manufacturer problem.

I demanded they replace this piece of junk with a new model not to fix the piece of junk that never should have left their warehouse for which they replied that is all they intend to do. So their problem as the manufacturer is thrown back on the consumer to deal with while we now go to a laundromat to wash clothes with their worthless piece of junk sits in my laundry room. They could have cared less. I even called the retailer we purchased it from to alert them of their manufacturer's attitude.

Limited Warranty wording does not cover selling someone a total piece of junk for $1100.00 supposedly "Commercial Grade" Quality. So Im turning this over to my local State Office for Rip Off Consumer issues like this one. DO NOT BUY A SPEED QUEEN PIECE OF JUNK. THESE PEOPLE ARE DISHONEST AS A MANUFACTURER. ANY COMPANY WHO IS FINE WITH SELLING YOU JUNK & ORDERING MORE JUNK PARTS TO PUT IN IT SHOULD BE EXPOSED

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