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Sozo Global, LLC.

Country United States
State Texas
City Austin
Address 6101 W Courtyard Dr
Phone 1 512-498-0600

Sozo Global, LLC. Reviews

  • Jan 7, 2019

Mark E. Adams, the CEO of Sozo, a Multi Level Marketing company headquartered in Austin, Texas is a Con Artist that fraudulantly misrepresents to the company's Distributors, potential Distributors, Investors and potential Investors on a regular basis. Those that have worked very close with Mark Adams describe him as a young version of Bernie Madoff, very likeable, well spoken, knowledgeable, and smooth talker, yet a scam artist.

He Con's MLM leaders into joining his company Sozo by making many false promises and misrepresentations and then takes their income away, terminates them, and files a lawsuit against them, preventing them from benefitting from all their hard work. Every person that we've spoken to called Mark Adams a bully that picks on the very people that built his business Sozo. They also believe he will destroy the business as he has sabotaged it's success several times.

Mark Adams is ignorant when it comes to MLM, he evens says so himself.

While we don't have the final number we have evidence that he has scammed at least 5 Executives, 3 Partners, and numerous Investors and Distributors. Mark Adams and Sozo should be shut down by the Attorney General or SEC for Fraud. We hope that if you're an Investor that you demand for a full refund right away! If you are a Distributor or potential Distributor you should file a suit against him and the company, whether class action or not and go find a company that is built on integrity. Mark Adams is a known liar, if you come in contact with him or Sozo, protect yourself and loves ones, run.

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