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South Florida Translations

Country United States
State Florida
City Boca Raton
Address 301 Yamato Rd #1240
Phone 561-210-4378

South Florida Translations Reviews

  • Oct 5, 2017

Our company engaged South Florida Translations in July 2017. After receiving several meeting invitations via Outlook with the wrong address, we had to call them and verbally request that they not send any more Outlook meeting requests and provided them with the correct address where their services would be required.

This company required a deposit prior to services being rendered, which we objected to. They insisted it was necessary so we acquiesced, providing them with credit card information over the phone. South Florida Translations never indicated that they used a third-party vendor for their billing. Several days later we noticed a charge on our bank statement from "WePay" and after numerous attempts to contact WePay by telephone and email with no response, we notified our bank that we did not recognize this charge. A fraud alert was placed on our account, our account was frozen for several days and we were required to purchase new credit cards for staff.

Once the interpreting services were complete we received an inflated invoice and returned it and requested an adjustment on 08/07/2017. After a little haggling with South Florida Translations, we paid the adjusted invoice in full, including the deposit that was disputed with our bank.

Slavey Tolev of South Florida Translations contacted me on a SUNDAY EVENING, accusing our company of not paying the invoice. His exact words in the email were "you paid $150 deposit and then because of the charge back it has been taken away. you have made NO other payments!"

I immediately researched our bank records (again: on a SUNDAY EVENING) and gave Mr. Tolev the date and amount of the payment. I let him know that it had cleared our account and that his company had clearly been paid.

Mr. Tolev continued to harrass me. He admitted to finding the check for the adjusted invoice amount, but demanded the difference between the adjusted amount and the amount initially billed to us, which was overbilled, disputed and the dispute resolved.

We then reminded Mr. Tolev of his overbilling practices and he once again went back and checked his records, only to find that we were correct. Mr. Tolev indicated that he was sorry for contacting me on a Sunday evening but the day prior was Tom Kippur. So I guess contacting me on my sabbath doesn't matter, right?

We have continued to receive emails from WePay, South Florida Translation's vendor, despite our repeated requests that they remove our information from their database. Our most recent request for our contact information to be removed was replied to by their "Customer Delight" email address asking me if we were pleased with their service. Obviously privacy laws mean nothing to these people.

I'm sure Mr. Tolev will respond to this email. He'll say that I called him stupid. And an a*****e. Yes. I did. He IS a stupid a*****e for jumping the gun and making accusations without having the facts. He's even more of an a*****e for making these accusations on a Sunday evening rather than during normal business hours.

I have no confidence that South Florida Translations or their vendor, WePay, will honor our request to be removed from their respective contact databases. We're referring this to our attorney with every intention of making these morons (South Florida Translations AND their vendor WePay) explain themselves.

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