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South Florida Jeeps

Country United States
State Florida
City Fort Lauderdale
Address 1424 W Broward Blvd
Phone 1 954-306-6163

South Florida Jeeps Reviews

  • Sep 7, 2020

I highly do NOT recommend this dealership. I do not know where to start. I saw a red modified Jeep Wrangler on the website. I contacted them and told the sales rep I want the same exact one. He sent me the pricing and the build list. I know nothing about cars. I saw a picture and wanted the same one. We agreed on pricing and lead time. They said 2-3 weeks will be shipped. I paid a security deposit of $10,000 and started the process. Then this is where all the sh*t show started. The sales rep started to reach out saying things “oh we are out of this part, would you like another one?” and this kept going on and on and on then started to ask for more money since the “new” part he is going to install has a higher price.

I agreed to some price increases because I wanted to get it over with. Now 2 months passed, and the car is still not ready. Excuses like parts not available, be done by next week, etc. Then the sales rep suddenly got fired so now all the blame is on him. They called him an idiot and said that he charged me less for parts and that they are losing money, so my bill kept growing. They are very unprofessional. If your sales rep made a mistake, aren’t you supposed to honor the initial deal he gave the customer??? Then no the manage Madison took over and started to send pictures. Whenever I brought something up about part not being in the pictures the answer was “it is not in your build list.”

How is that ok when I saw a pic and asked for the same exact car. You would think they would include it on the build list. Now 3 months later and we are still arguing because some parts were not included even after we agreed to include them at the price I paid. Madison tried to scam me into paying more to make my car look like the picture. I received the car 3 months later (was supposed to be 2-3 weeks). The car is very unsafe to drive. It wobbles on the highway and the modifications they made on the windshield block half of the windshield which obstructs my vision. I absolutely hate the car.

They are very unprofessional and inexperienced. Their build list is not well thought and has no consideration for safety. I still have not registered the car because I am trying to sell it and get rid of it ASAP. I do not recommend you go to this dealer and if you really must, make sure you do not trust their pictures because they are full of lies. If you do decide on a build list, make sure they acknowledge your request in writing. Make sure you list everything even if it is a little screw because they will lie and lie then blame it on a sales rep then fire them. Bad bad bad.

In life, I have 2 big regrets: dating my ex in 2014 and buying this car. Another thing, the car is used and has 8,000 miles on it. You would think these idiots would do research or care but I found out that they sourced the car from Enterprise car rental so the car has been driven by hundreds of people before it got to me. This is the worst experience ever.

  • Sep 6, 2020

We have ordered 2 jeeps from this company. We spoke to their sales rep to place the order and had given him a link from their website for two jeeps they previously built and we told them we want 2 new ones built identically. They promised a 2-3 week turnaround to complete the 2 jeep buildout and asked for a $20,000 deposit.

We went ahead and wired over a total of $20,000 deposit towards both jeeps.

2-3 weeks later, they had nothing even in the process. Nothing was built yet. They stated it would take 2 more weeks. So we went ahead and waited. It then took a total of 12 weeks until the jeep build-out was ready... except that it wasn't fully built to what we agreed on and ordered. They defrauded us at the last minute when we were ready to pay for the car remaining balance and pick up the Jeeps. They left out over $5,000+ in work that we agreed on and threatened to just cancel the deal after 12-weeks of us waiting if we didn't take the jeeps with the missing insufficient buildout.

So we went ahead and agreed on their last-minute bait and switch. Then after receiving both jeeps, we discovered that both jeeps were not built out and were not modified properly. Both jeeps are super dangerous and super unstable on highways. The car's top was not even installed properly leading to an extremely noisy highway ride. Also, an expert stated to me that they built out the jeeps terribly without experience and without the proper parts leading to the jeeps to be very dangerous to drive.

A car expert I had to check out the jeeps stated that the shock absorbers are terrible and are dangerous as well as the lift springs that were installed.

We spent over $125,000 on both jeeps at this dealership and they refused to honor to take care of any of those issues when we contacted them.

They disappeared and stopped the communication. EXTREME CAUTION AND AVOID WORKING WITH THIS DEALERSHIP AT ALL COSTS. I have the full evidence and conversations to this entire case that we dealt with SoFloJeeps. Email me at [email protected] if you want to discover more about how they defrauded us.

This is a car dealership ran by scam artists. Please find a different dealer when looking to purchase modified jeeps. We spent over $120-125k on dangerous jeeps that are poorly built. No responsibility or action provided by the dealership when we reported the problems within 24-hours of receiving the jeeps.

This is the worst car purchase experience I have ever had in my entire life. I hope you don't end up getting scammed there.

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