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Sour Apple Repair

Country United States
State Texas
City College Station
Address 2501 Texas Ave S C112
Phone 1 844-768-7349

Sour Apple Repair Reviews

  • Mar 5, 2020

Sour Apple Repair replaced my cracked iPhone screen and the screen later ended up losing sensitivity to swipes / touch with no trauma or damage to cause the loss of functionality. It was not a primary phone and I used it to listen to music and...sometimes to replay treasured, accidental voice recordings of someone dear who passed away. Because of the treasured content, I need to get it fixed again and have been told the issue with my screen is likely due to subpar replacement parts versus more expensive components that look the same as the cheap stuff but actually last.

Turns out going to a name brand repair shop that you can count on to use the best replacement parts is the best bet for a repair that lasts. Maybe not a big deal if one repairs or replaces their phone too often to notice degrading screen sensitivity....but a big deal if it's an old "keeper" phone that you want to repurpose and have reliable usability from for a long time.

Also, there are 3 "bubbles" that have developed over time in edges of the display area of's a little smaller than a thumbnail and the other 2 are pea-sized. These were not "caused" by damage or extreme use...they just "appeared" over time. Definitely not OEM quality parts. Long lasting repair only matters if you keep and use devices a long to some this might not even be a factor...but if it is to you, part quality matters long term.

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