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Sony Interactive Entertainment

Country United States
State California
City San Mateo
Phone 650-665-8000

Sony Interactive Entertainment Reviews

  • Sep 19, 2022

This occurred in early May 2021. I sent someone a message and in that message were a few of the cartoon characters built into the messenger. I also sent a voice message explaining why it's bad to play out of your region in games like Battlefield. I said nothing racist, derogatory, and used no bad language at all.

Soon I noticed my account was permanently suspended with the accusation of sending media meant to cause disgust. I was a good customer for five years and have enjoyed Playstation since the 1990s. Repeated attempts to appeal my suspension has resulted in the same generic response.

When your account is suspended permanently, you lose access to everything tied to that account. Any thing you bought, no matter how much money you spent. EVERYTHING!

This to me, is an act of theft and surely cannot be legal.

It seems all you have to do in order to be temporairly or permanently suspended is have your messages reported.

  • May 18, 2021

SIE representative disconnected a 1 hour plus call after refusing to take my console for repair and trying to force me to wait for a call from their legal team for me to sign a NDA since a defective PS5 console destroyed 2 of my external drives causing over $1000 in property damage. When asked to transfer the call to a supervisor, he disconnected the call. SIE then waited until they had confirmation my console was underway to them to place a ban my account, preventing me access to any and all customer service.

They have not sent any emails or notices regarding any of this. I don’t even have a date for when this inappropriate ban will be lifted. SIE is actively preventing me from chatting, calling or contacting customer service in any and all of the available ways (confirmed by connecting to chat and phone number through a different account and phone number respectively), all the while having my property under their possession.

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