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Snyxius Technologies

Country United States
State Texas
City Austin
Address 701 Brazos Street, Suite 1616
Phone (877) 958 0087

Snyxius Technologies Reviews

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  • May 11, 2016

A year ago I hired Sagar to complete my website and mobile applications. He agreed to do so and insisted that i wire him $40,000.00 USD. He wanted to charge me a total amount of $100,000.00 I told him to complete the first amount of work and we would go from there. To date he hasn't completed the work he said he would so I decieded to have some other computer programers look into the work he has done thus far. To my shock they informed me that the work that Sagar has done this far isn't worth anything near what i've been charged. I called Sagar and asked him for a refund and not only will he not give me a refund but he won't give me the crap work he has done for my $40,000.00. Sagar is a fraud, he isn't an American Citizen he's a liar. Whatever you do don't trust or believe this person, he takes money and pockets it while getting crappy cheap work from what he calls his ****** in India. I will be reporting him to the department of immigration and I've contacted the Austin Police Department.

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  • Sep 8, 2016

Snyxius is a fraud company

Snyxius is a fraud company, started by some novices, with no expertise at all...they just hire some freelancers, try to get the work done from them free of cost, ill treat them, and don't pay them money as talented freelancers kick them off and only those work with them whom no one else wants...after every few days, they have to hunt for a new freelancer for exploitation...your project will get delayed too much or never be completed even after paying them money...Beware of Snyxius

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