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Snead Financial Services, Inc.

Country United States
State Florida
City Lake Worth
Address 8461 Lake Worth Road, Suite 188
Phone 1 561-450-9763

Snead Financial Services, Inc. Reviews

  • Sep 12, 2020

I wanted my credit fixed to get credit cards and loans. Willie Snead and Snead Financial Services "coach snead" said he can do that and "trust the process." There was supposed to not be an upfront cost, but I received an email that if I didnt pay the $300 for the trade lines they would stop working on my credit. I paid the $300 and NEVER received the trade lines and my credit wasnt fixed. He blamed everything for him not getting it done.

It was the credit bureaus changing the address. It was the post office holding the letters. Then it was COVIDs fault and finally when I asked for a refund it was my fault for not looking at what they were doing. He is a scam, his company is a scam and he has a connection to another scam company ICS out of Mineola, TX which did the same thing, took money and gave nothing. He was trying to charge 24.99 for every loan you got and he destroyed my faith in companies like this.

He claims to be a christian, but NO christian does crap like this! He cannot perform. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH SNEAD FINANCIAL.

  • Jul 30, 2020

Took my money and signed a contract, whereas Snead Financial Services would fix my Credit Report and Provide $100,000 in Funding. Promising in a time period of 60-90 days.

The final process fo repairing my file, by adding Primary Tradelines to my Credit file. I had inquired when the Tradelines would post into my Credit file.

Snead told me they would post on my any day. Well, I had written an email stating, that he was always bragging about his skills. That apparently hurt his fellings, therefore, he dropped me as a client. Attempting to reconsil the situation, I aske for the Vendor he was utilizing for the Tradelines. He became mute. He DID NOT comply so I could move forward considering over 100 days in his care. I believe he NEVER did initiate the process to add the Tradelines, thus providng FRAUDULENT servcice.

  • Aug 11, 2020


Client was terminated and issued a full refund.

  • Jul 29, 2020

Placed my credit file in his hands to obtain $100,000 in funding. The final component for funding was adding Primary Tradelines to my Credit File. When challenged, he dropped me as a client. I attempted to reconsile the situation, but he choose not to. Did not respond. I asked for the Vendor of the Primary Tradelines, but would not give it to me. The reason, he NEVER purchased them for my file. He lied to me for over 100 days. A complete fraud.

  • Jul 28, 2020

I signed a contract with Snead Financial to upgrade my file and they would provide $100.000 in Funding. I was told that the process would take 60 days. Then I was told, it would take 60-90 days. The component to bring my credit score to obtain the $100,000 in Funding would be Primary Tradelines on my file. For about 45 days I was told that the Tradelines would hit my Credit Report. They did not and so I challenged Willie Snead, The owner of Snead Financial. Well, he got angry and decided to cut ties with me. I attempted to call him and David Weller and no calls were returned. I then asked for the Vendor they used to purchase the Tradelines, so I could purchase them myself and move forward. No reply.

I have come to the conclusion that Snead NEVER purchased the Tradelines. I asked for proof, but none was given. They alos did very little on my credit file for the 100 days in their care.

I intend to write to the Consumer Protection Agency as well as The Department of Financial Services on this FRAUD.

100 hundred days of deceit.

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