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Snatched LV

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 2801 S Valley View Blvd
Phone 702 460 6798

Snatched LV Reviews

  • Aug 23, 2021

Stephanie is a Ripoff. She holds classes for Body Contouring and basically teaches you nothing at all. All you do is watch her. You pay her 1700-2000 for s**t basically. I understand she has customers for post op care, her main focus, and she may know how to do that. However she’s a joke. Her classes are a joke: She “certifies” you in body Contouring.

This is a bunch of bullsh*t she does not teach you sh*t. Nothing. I am speaking for us b*tches that know dam well we paid for a f*cken class and got sh*t from it. No one else has the balls to even ask for our money back- save yourself the money you will regret it. I promise you. If there is people who truly teach she’s not the one. She might have a nice profile on Instagram or a nice website but I promise STAY AWAY!

  • Apr 14, 2021

I have known these people for a long time and I have witnessed first hand what they do to people that come in to buy their services. Stephanie Cortes who is a failed escort girl is dating Caeden Marin who wanted to be a LVMPD but failed training became a body contour therapy trained by Stephanie. They tell their customers the laser contour works but it doesnt.

Stephanie Cortes does classes that are not even right, she gives them a printed diploma for completing the course and then you cant even get a hold of her after. Caeden cancels on his clients when we go out and its last minute. They dont even see their customers even if the customers blow up their phones, then after they say they have expired packages, or they cant make it and cancl appontments for traveling.

Listen if the customers complain they ask us their firends to harass them on social media, tell them we will find them and they will get whats coming to them for complaining. So I had to put this out there because Ive had it with the scam. The FBI already was called on me because of these two making us harass people for them.


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