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SLR Records

Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Address 11400 West Olympic Blvd
Phone 1 866 215 8134

SLR Records Reviews

  • Sep 15, 2022

Artist/SLR Records, Inc. Timeline


8/27/2007 Artist was approached by Lasalle Gabriel on MySpace to be added on friendlist

8/29/2007 Lasalle offering contract to become part of SLR/Sony Records Label explains that an initial investment is necessary to prove to investors that artist is serious about career. He states he needs an initial $3500 to be wired to him Lasalle sends contract via email & funds are wired in care of Lorgran Media Trust Lasalle requests for an Artist Bio/JPEG for single cover

9/1/2007 Lasalle rejects Bio and asks for a new one to be updated and a press release is sent out to local media announcing "local artist" signed to SLR/Sony

10/1/2007 Lasalle requesting more funds to be wired & a new agreement w/different language sent via email. ($2500 sent out via fed-ex through cashier's check) Agreement states: $11,000 SLR/$11,000-SONY/$11,000-Artist

12/1/2007 Lasalle requesting more funds due to investor issues. We ask to speak to investor and were refused. Warren sent Lasalle another $2000 via mail

1/1/2008 Lasalle is now sick and cannot work at this time

3/15/2008 Lasalle is back on 'board' health-wise and requests that pictures & new bio be done $1500 cost of photoshoot/make-up/clothes/management

4/1/2008 Lasalle is again sick and cannot work at this time

5/1/2008 Lasalle now is suggesting another song-"Smile" and will send via mail so I can listen to it

6/1/2008 Lasalle suggests launching promotion/advertisement/marketing for song we give Program Director of local radio station $5000 for this activity

7/1/2008 Lasalle was difficult to be in contact with-no follow ups to calls/emails then requests to come to one of the concerts (7/21)

7/14/2008 Lasalle asks for $5000 for "Soil Test" (Wired to Dorothy Randolph)

7/20/2008 Lasalle flown into PA ($700-hotel/flight-which he said he would pay)

7/21/2008 Meeting w/Lasalle/Program Director/Artist to talk about "Soil Test" and upcoming single to be released At concert, Lasalle was introduced to audience by City of Harrisburg Special Events Director, as the SLR/SONY President. At the end of the show Special Events Director commits to Lasalle that the City & Mayor would accommodate my band and sponsor us, as well as be the City's guest for the evening in return of performing the new single "Smile" and having product to give to audience. (FYI:This is a concert that attracts tens of thousands every year)

8/31/2008 Lasalle doesn't show up-claims he is in hospital & ill. We paid band $600 + fuel $200+food$200=$1000 (A cost that Lasalle was to pay) ($500 for cd & picture replication to give to audience $200-videographer=$700)

9/1/2008 emails back & forth again

11/1/2008 Lasalle sends new contract & asks for Artist to sign

11/25/2008 Telephone conference call taped w/Lasalle's permission asking questions about new contract and getting things in order

1/26/2009 Flew to MN to record pilot single-"Candy Cigarettes" didn't like song and sent email to Lasalle while at hotel reflecting these thoughts. Spent about $1800-flight/hotel/food

3/1/2009 more emails back & forth regarding song "Candy Cigarettes" vs. "Smile" Lasalle finally agrees to allow "Smile" to be released first and scratches other one. When issue of $'s comes up, Lasalle becomes agitated and denies use of funds given to him for music and sends a threatening email to Artist.

3/10/2009 Artist had no choice but to hire a PI. More dollars and was given PUBLIC INFO individual. TAKE NOTE: HE USES DIFFERENT VARIATIONS OF HIS NAME AND had a NAME Change from DAVID DUNBAR TO David Lasalle Gabriel. He also has Virtual Office out of Century City, CA!!!


8014 Olson Memorial Highway, #134; Golden Valley, MN 55427

I am going to try and briefly summarize this dude's civil record in Minnesota as it is soooooo extensive:

Total Number of Case Personally Involved in: 33

Total Judgments Against: 12

Total Expired Judgments Against: $ 3,561.00

Total Active Judgments Against Him Only: $ 10,153.67

Total Active Judgments Against Him & Other: $ 737,374.11

Total Satisfied Judgments Against Him: $ 2,961.81

Total Satisfied Jugements Against Him/Others: $ 137,673.48

Other cases of Potential Interest:


Name Change

Gabriel David Dunbar to Lasalle Alexander Gabriel


Personal Injury

Lasalle Gabriel v/ Page Arpel, First Bank, Inc., Jodi L. Hanson

Lasalle ordered to pay $ 501.55, not paid.



Lasalle Alexander Gabriel v. Dave Liebert

Order dismissed After Hearing


Domestic Abuse

Deanna Faye Gabriel v. Lasalle Alexander Gabriel



Dissolution With Child

Deanne Faye Gabriel v. Lasalle David Alex Gabriel

Dismissed 12/11/2003



Mortgage Electrnic Registration System, Inc. v. John Doe, Deanne Gabriel,

LaSalle Gariel, Lorgram Limited Trust and Mary Rowe (6415 Thornberry Road; Victoria, MN 55331)




St. Stephen State Bank v. Lasalle A. Gabriel and Imagivisionn RX, Inc.

1999 Rolls Royce SS



Landmark Community Bank v. Lasalle A. Gabriel, Imagivision FX, Inc., Imagivision Media, LLC $ 2,468,931.17 due by 4 p.m.


Note that Defendant filed bankruptcy


Landmark entitled to immediate writ of possession of all assets on the premises.


Domestic Abuse

Deanne Faye Gabriel v. Lasalle David Gabriel



Lasalle Alexander Gabriel

7455 France Avenue South, #510 Edina, MN 55435

Speeding--Petty Misdemeanor


Lasalle Alexander Gabriel

13033 Ridgedale Drive, #239

Minnetonka, MN 55305

Interference With 911 Call--Dismissed

5th Degree Assault--Dismissed

5th Degree Assault--Dismissed

NOTE: All charges were continued for dismissal, and later dismissed


Lasalle Alexander Gabriel

13033 Ridgedale Drive, #239 Minnetonka, MN 55305

No Proof of Insurance--Dismissed

Speeding 47/30--Dismissed


Lasalle Alexander Gabriel

7455 France Avenue South, #510 Edina, MN 55435

Interference with 911 Call--Misdemeanor--Convicted

Domestic Assault--Dismissed

Give Peace Officer False Name--Dismissed

NOTE: Sentenced to Anger Management, Does not Appear that He complied...also note in index that he failed to provide Probation with place of employment or home address.


Lasalle Alexander Gabriel

7455 France Avenue South, #510 Edina, MN 55435

Speeding 39/15--Airport

Continued for Dismissal

I'd be willing to gamble that there is more out there on him in other states:


Gabriel David Dunbar

7455 France Avenue South, #510 Edina, MN 55435

No Driver's License in Possession--Petty Misdemeanor--Convicted

Driving After Suspension--Dismissed

No Proof of Insurance--Dismissed


Gabriel David Dunbar

7455 France Avenue South, #510 Edina, MN 55435

False Information to Police--Petty Misdemeanor--Convicted


LaSalle Alexander Gabriel

13033 Ridgedale, #239 Minnetonka, Mn 55305

No Proof of Insurance--Dismissed


LaSalle Alexander Gabriel

13033 Ridgedale Drive

Minnetonka, MN 55305

Violation of Order for Protection--Misdemeanor

NOTE: Gabriel dragged this case on for over two years by going through three, and possibly four attorneys.Track this Report 2 Comments | Post a CommentComments

  • Sep 14, 2022

If David Lasalle Gabriel has contacted you regarding his compilation cd, beware! This guy has frauded hundreds of independent artists. He claims that he will broker deals to get your music in movies, television, commercials, ect.

If you notice, all of the artists "signed" to SLR have photos with no names. He doesn't want to disclose the names of artists so that they cannot be contacted nor contact each other.

Do not send him money! You will not get what he promises you nor will he return your money.

There are hundreds...maybe thousands of starving artists who are being frauded everyday to support his lavish lifestyle...Beware!

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