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Sky Caskets

Country United States
State Colorado
City Denver
Address 1660 S Albion St #800
Phone (888) 979-2155

Sky Caskets Reviews

  • Sep 15, 2022

Stay Away! This guy "Matthew" and his sidekick "Colby" are the two biggest d****ebags that I have ever come across. You're already in a vulnerable position when you lose a loved one, but the predatory dealings one will encounter dealing with these two unprofessional a-holes is unfathomable. "Matthew" is not personable, just a motor mouth used car salesman type.

He will tell you that you must hurry because the truck the coffin will ship on will be leaving in 10 minutes. (Just more BS lies.) Write down figures as he is talking, because they will getting inflated. Then before you even strike any deal they will want your billing info, then before you even sign the "E-doc" contract that they send you, they will start drawing funds from your account.

They will try to draw multiple withdrawals. Then they will call you back and say hurry sign the contract, (If you tell them you want to read it, they will be like there is no time, The truck that should have left 10 minutes ago is now leaving in another 30 minutes. (MORE LIES)

If you hesitate, he will start spewing bs of how they have sold 157,000 coffins nationwide. They will ask you what funeral home you are dealing with. And after a quick google search, he will say oh the one on (insert googled address here). Then he will say we ship to them all the time.

Meanwhile most funeral homes have never heard of these goofballs. (Even more lies). And of course the whole time they will tell you you're going to save thousands. LOLOLOL. Actually the funeral home had the same casket i wanted and the FUNERAL HOME WAS ACTUALLY MUCH CHEAPER!!!!

Meanwhile when I told "Mathew" I was not signing the contract, he continued to do his creepy pressure sales spiel. Then I said well I got a fraud alert from my bank. ( Meanwhile I did a goggle search, I saw the bad reviews). I then respond to the fraud alert and freeze my bank card.

Then I said "You know what? Cancel any paper work you have started because I am not signing any contract. And you can return the money that you have been trying to withdraw from my bank". Because I just got a fraud alert about your company.

Then Matthew starts yelling and says you know what I'll cancel your order but 'm keeping your money. And hangs up the phone. I then text that seeing we didn't conduct any business, he can return my money, or I can file fraud charges against his company.

Then he calls me back and leaves a message to call him back. (He knew he was wrong and actually committing fraud). Needless to say, the bank returned my money to me. SO, BUYER BEWARE!!! Be smart and just stay away all together. You will find funeral homes are cheaper.

  • Aug 31, 2018

He called me an idiot!

I called looking for pricing assistance for the cheapest casket to help a family out who does not have any funds. After giving the man my budget, he called me an idiot and said it was impossible. I guess the term "You get what you pay for is true." To buy a cheaper casket you get the worst customer service. Just because someone does not have a lot of money to spend does not mean you should treat them like dirt! Please do not buy from them.

  • Dec 22, 2015

My Dad passed away Saturday and after Googling Caskets I found Sky Caskets that showed good prices. So I call and get the owner, Michael Warner. I tell him which casket I am interested in and he says he will give me a good deal if I buy now. I explained I needed to talk to my siblings before a final decision was made. Mr. Warner advised me that he could not guarantee the price unless I placed a deposit of $200 on it. I said OK and he transferred me to another person to take the order so Mr. Warner told that person what deal he was giving me but the order would be in hold pending me talking to family. So he tells me we needed to secure the deposit with a credit card to proceed. in order to guarantee the price. So I provide my cc info. Then when I receive the DocuSign papers I noticed the casket was $400 more then advertised online price. He tells me it would be adjusted. So I call and email to cancel my order.

I received a call back from Mr. Warner advising me he is not going to refund my money. I call my bank because of red flags only to find out there is a pending charge for $300. So I send my bank the DocuSign document that clearly shows transaction was submitted before and there is nothing in the contract about a deposit or non-refundable deposit. My bank automatically placed dispute on the transaction. I feel like this company took advantage of my emotional state. Mathew Warner you ought to be ashamed of yourself and practices. Horrible business practices.

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