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Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 184-4303-3285
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  • Jan 1, 2022

They send me used products and I decide to rerun them. I paid for the shipping cost and rerun full order of $220. After a months frusturdating and report them to my bank still I didn’t get my refund. They have no phone number and customer service. Only social media and it is all runaround and they never did anything.

  • Apr 28, 2020

I ordered a Dr Dennis Gross Spectralite Skin care LED mask, waited several weeks to get my product from them. When product arrived, it had a broken safety seal on the outside of the box, was missing the headgear parts to attach the mask to your face, and was fully charged from someone previously using it. They sent me a used cosmetic item that lays directly against your skin. Pretty sure that the Health Dept wouldn't approve of using someone's used cosmetics on your skin. This company is selling used products that were represented as new in the box with safety seal unbroken when purchased.

Upon explaining the situation to them thru multiple emails, they sent me one reply through this entire time, asking me to send pictures. They act like I'm trying to steal something from them. I'm more than willing to return this bunk product to them if they would simply give me a return authorization. How am I supposed to send pictures of something they never sent to me, the missing headgear. I sent them photos of the broken safety seal, but again, no reply from them as usual.

This was also sent to me during the corona virus outbreak, and I have no clue who owned this mask before I got and I touched everything to get the box open to get the mask out. I am beyond disgusted. I'm out my 435.00 and can't use a used mask with no headgear.

Have never been treated so unfairly with all the years of online shopping that I have done.

Stay away from this shady company .

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