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report scam


Country United States
State Florida
City University Park
Address 7328 Chelsea Court


  • Oct 29, 2016

Total crap!!! do not do it please. I decided wht the heck. Not only did i get a 200 charge after the 14days but when i called to cancel. The company only cancelled one of the products because apparently they are two separate companies that make this duel package! no one says anything and 30 days later another package with skin optics cream comes in. $114!! i call and they tell me this bull that i didn't call them but the other company and it isn't their job to tell anyone. I didn't even know the product was from two different companies. How is anyone to know this?! playing games will th my money is a no no. Do not do it do not do it!

  • Aug 26, 2016

Scam unprofessional company

I would not give them a star. Their products are garbage and they will rape your bank account for every penny you have and when you try to get a refund they will try to bargain a percentage to give you back. Worst customer service ever. Rude and unprofessional. I would advice anyone to never try their products because their whole company is a scam and they don't care about you as a customer.

  • Aug 12, 2016

Like everyone else, i got suckered into trying this product from skinoptics. I must not have read that it was a two-week trial and that i was supposed to cancel future shipments if i didn't like the product.

So maybe it's my fault. Just sorry they won't accept returns. At least calling

888-612-8019 did allow me to cancel future shipments!

Amazing they have the gall to charge so much for a cream that is no better than any other, as far as i can tell. What's with all the skin creams and other products dr. Oz is said to endorse. My daughter tells me a lot of doctors are calling for him to have his license revoked!