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SkinFresh MD

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 844-457-8502

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  • Jul 19, 2017

A friend ordered 2 products from this company. Both were labled as "14 day trial" versions and the only needed cost was the shipping of $3.95 and $4.95 on the 17th of June. The fine print (unkowingly) stated that if she didn't notify the company in 14 days that she would then be charged and enrolled into a monthly supscription. This information is stated nowhere on the front end of the deal. She never tried the product due to being away on holiday.

On July 5th and 6th, she was then charged $97.67 and $92.21! Once returning home and finding these charges on her credit card, she was obviously astonished and wanted to cancel.

Upon calling the company to refuse this arrangement, the first thing the company tried to do is offer the product to her for a substantially reduced price of 30% off. She refused. Then they offered 50% off. She still refused. This presented the very first strong feeling of a scam.

Next, she argued with the representative on the phone (Ken) for approximately 20 minutes refusing this arrangement and wanting a refund. He continued to refuse. Also, she asked to speak with the representatives supervisor 4 times to no avail. She was told "you can't speak to my supervisor, only I can".

After telling the representative that she has already reported this purchase as a scam to her credit card company and that she is going to inform the Better Business Bureau of these actions, the representative agreed to a refund after they accept the product back in the mail. Also, the company wanted to charge a 15% restocking fee for the full price charged!

After all this, we did a search for the product and found the exact same thing on Amazon for $33.99 plus free shipping!

Free enterprise is one thing, however, this is true misleading price rape. Add this to the runaround that the company attempted to force upon the purchaser and play like there's no way out... is truly criminal.

Don't do busness with this company and don't give in to the offer.

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  • Jul 7, 2017

After GOOGLEING "SKINCAREMD" I was shocked to see the number of complaints regarding this scam. I received what I thought was an e-mail ad from Costco offering free cosmetics except for shipping. The shipping charge was $4.95 which I paid with a credit card on June 15, 2017. There never was any mention of a $97.67 monthly charge for what I have no idea

On July 5, 2017, my credit card was charged $97.67 for " PROMOHEALTHYGLOW" . There was a phone number (1888-4297445) ,which I called. When I spoke with PIERCE about the charge,he was very evasive and would not offer any information, even to explain what the charge was for. He hung up on me.

I found a number for SKINFRESHMD on your website which reported the exact scam with the same amounts charged. I called the number (18444578502) and got the samr runaround. the person I spoke with (RAY) said he could not find my name or address listed anywhere and could not answer why I was billed the $97.67 nor for what it was for. He also hung up on me.

I would certainly welcome a lawsuit againdt this company

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  • Sep 19, 2017

On July 31 I received a web-based offer to try a sample product. I was offered 1 of 4 choices of SkinFresh MD skin care products to sampe for the cost of shipping. Immediately upon placng my order I received a phone call from said company trying to sell me additional products. I told the recpresentative that all I wanted was my free trial product and if not possible, I wanted nothing. Caller said that was fine. I received my sample, tried it, and didn't like it .

On August 22 my credit card was charged 97.67. I didn't notice he charge until today and when I called about it, 1st rep., Ashley, went round and round with me that I didn't cancel ( which was not stated in the ad or in product sent) so I was billed for the sample product and to not bother turning it in the my CC company because I would lose. I also discovered that a second charge has be submitted. Ashly went round and round with me and would not let me speak with the supervisor, and hung up on me.

I phoned back, talked with a Pam, and immediately asked for a supervisor. She also reminded me of fine print. which I was never given, but started to make offers to reduce my costs. She ultimately refunded me the second purchase which i haven't even received, but didnt want me to speak with a supervisor. Then offered me a 30% reduction in th cost of the sample I received. I continued to request a supervisor.

Finally spoke with a supposed supervisor Joe who didn't want to even tell me the address of the company so I could return the products. He asked me repeatedly if I would settle for a 30%, then 50% reduction of the sample charge if I would say I would not turn into my credit card company. I told hime I would make no deals like that and that I wanted my money back and I would send him the product. Finally he said he issed a refund, and to keep and try the product, which I will wait to see, but he did not want to give me the company name of the business he represented, or an address. I finally got one and said I would be returning the product but that they were practicing frauduland transactions. He also hing on me after he said I was refunded my money and he was finished.

Very shady business. Lesson learned here. Never give CC information to businesses for a free product.

  • Aug 5, 2017


This is a scam company. They are just trying to get your info so they can charge you. I did not even hit complete order but x out of the screen and they still billed me. Plus, I immediately called them when I got the email saying the order had went through. I told them I had not ordered it and didnt want it. They said I would get nothing be billed nothing and it was all canceled. However I still got billed. I even have an email saying it was all cancelled. When I called to ask for my money back, I was told they had record that all this transpired and I should not have been billed but they could see I was then They hung up on me saying we are sorry this didnt work out the way you wanted.

  • Jun 12, 2017

The company offered a product " skinfresh" for $1.99 to try and if I didn't like the product then that's all I would have to pay. I in fact did not like the product. I called and cancelled my account only to b charged $95.00 the following week. I called and told them about their mistake and nothing was done but I was reassured my account was closed. I received a box at my door from them again with the same product. I called to ask them why were they still sending me stuff. The customer service lady told me they had billed my card $45.00 this time. I was very upset. How can a company keep taking money out of my account without my approval and after closing my account! She told me she saw where the last person who I talked to did not completely close account and that it was their mistake. They also said they would refund the last transaction. Not good enough in my eye's. They stole money from my account for a product I do not want! After I closed my account with them! I no longer trust to use my card with anyone anymore! Im upset to know they can make a mistake on their part and my account is charged. I did not plan on the charge of $45.00 and now have to make sure funds in my account are back to normal and trust a company who stole from me to return the money they took without my asking.

  • Jun 2, 2017

The company took money out of my husband bank for a cream I did not order and tried to refuse to return the money. First they tried to get me to take ten% of the money, then offered fifty% of the money. I told them it was agenst the law and was basicly stealing. They denied it.So I told them I was recording the call. Suddenly they were able to return the money within five busness days. I feel like it was a rip off from the beginning now.

  • Jun 2, 2017

Wanted to try a sample for $1.99, that changed to $4.95, I received 2 products only asked for 1, after 2 weeks my bank account being tapped for the full amount $90. for each of the 2 samples I received. Called to ask how that happened and was told that I had to call and cancel after trying product for 14 days. The only paperwork I received with the 2 products says try for at least 90 days to see the full benefit. Got nowhere with the first person on the phone so I asked to speck with their super and he said the same thing as the first person and when I said that nowhere was all this stated when I asked for a sample was told nothing can be done but I could get a very redused price for more. I said I didn't want more but my money put back in my account the supervisor hung up on me. Please DO NOT fall for this!!

  • May 24, 2017

I caved to one of those repeating facebook ads showing the miraculous disappearance of fine lines and bags under the eyes. For $4.95 in shipping why not try a sample? At checkout a sample for an additional product was offered for another $4.95. If they are good, $10 is a fair price for a 14-day sample. I was surprised to receive what looked like full sized samples, but didn't think much about it, until today when checking my bank account and discovered a withdrawal of almost 189.86!

Somewhere in the small print which i of course agreed to without reading, there was a caveat that required a 14-day cancellation or else the full price would be automatically deducted. The website does not offer a phone number. The one attached to the withdrawal required a phone number for confirmation, but would not accept my number as correct. I finally found a number on outscam website, which i called.

After some serious haggling, i settled for a 50% refund but told them it wasn't enough to keep me from reporting them to the bbb and calling them out on every social media site i could find.

Yes, i'm an idiot. And of course the product was nothing special. Never again!

  • May 6, 2017

Ordered trial products wrinkle cream (SkinFreshMD) and Eye cream (AllureRX) was charged shipping cost $4.95 and $3.95. there was no futher information to follow on the web page. 18 days later I was charged $97.67 and $92.21 totaling $189.88. 26 days later I was charged another $97.67 and $92.21 a grand total of $376.76 all of the $376.76 was unauthorized charges. When I called the customer service I was talked over, laughed at , and told I would never get my money back, they tried to give me a small discount not to send back the product which I did not take . The product is not better than any over the counter moisturizer. Being a senior citizen this has been a nightmare. We will see what happens.

  • Apr 19, 2017

I replied to an offer of free birthday gifts. After clicking on link then I'm required to pay shipping. Ok still not so bad but then 2 weeks later I am charged $46 and $48. When calling customer service (877)864-9283 I am told that due to policy they are not able to refund any past charges but can cancel subsscription. They said it was stated that it was a 14-day trial and i needed to call. I called 5 times. Two representatives would not send me to a manager and one hung up on me. After I told them I did not open the products and want to return them they offered to refund the $48.83 and $46.10 minus $15 re-stocking fee for each. Or 45% refund on each charge.

I took the 45% but I would like to see a misleading advertisement lawsuit or class action lawsuit against this company

If you are trying to get your money back you will probably only get partial. You have to tell them you have not open products then they will offer the return minus $15 restock fee or the 45% return.

  • Feb 28, 2017

This was a special offer on the internet via email using the Costco name. The offer was for a $50.00 gift certificate and you were given the options to choose one of 3 or 4 different items. The special offer stated you are only responsible for the shipping cost that was $4.95 and stated no strings attached and no commitments. This is contrary to the Terms & Conditions.

Two week later I noted a charge on my bank account for $97.67. I immediately called Skin Fresh MD customer service. I was told I would have to pay the $97.67 and could cancel the subscription at this point. I advised I never signed up for any subscription and this was totally false advertisement and a rip-off. The representative further advised I would have had to cancel the subscription within 14 days to avoid further charges. I advised how would I have known to cancel anything within 14 days if this was not included in the advertisement, especially when the offer was for a $50.00 gift certificate only.

I found this to be very deceptive advertising.

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