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Sithy Gems Lapidary Sri Lanka

Country Sri Lanka
City Akurana
Address 246/3/11 Matale Rd
Phone 1 315-664-6794

Sithy Gems Lapidary Sri Lanka Reviews

  • Sep 8, 2021

I sent opal, white buffalo (Tonapah Nevada), turquise, variscite, purple adventurine, Texas Springs nevada pink chalcedony and gem quality green chalcedony. The agreement was they would cut my stone and return it. They stole most of the higher value stone I sent them. To add insult to injury, they sent me back very cheap stones, some color matched some not even color or type matched, and charged me the 50 cents per carat cutting fee to cut my rought stone on their junk they sent.

So they stole the best parts of my rough, AND they charged me $2,500 per kilo for their junk (worth around $180 per kilo) that they substituted for my rough they stole. Be careful of the Sri Lanka gem industry, it appears it is very corrupt and honest businesses may not even be permitted to operate as exporters to Western countries from Sri Lanka.

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