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Sihle James Holdings L.L.C

Country United States
State Michigan
City Southfield
Address 23143 Park Place Drive

Sihle James Holdings L.L.C Reviews

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  • Aug 28, 2015

This Man is the biggest FRAUD. He posts craigslist ads lure people and fishes vulnerable targets to fall in his trap. He claims that the investment will double or triple. I request people not to fall for such traps and secure your hard earned money. THis man has no mercy or empathy for you. He will convince and talk his way out so that you open a trading account and he will trade on your behalf. Even if you have 1k or 100k in your account, he will not give you a chance and wont leave a chance to gamble it. Only one or two of his predictions hit the bulls eye but he will fail you and his trades will miss 90% of the times. Many People have left complaints against this man on this site. He will cease communication after he has completely lost all your money. He should be reported to the Authorities. Despite all the complaints here, he is still hunting for prospects. Save your selfs. Don't trust anyone on the internet when it comes to money.

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  • Oct 29, 2016

James Crawford-SCAM options trader

S.O.B. gambled away 35k of my hard earned money in 1 f-ing day!! he then cut all contact with me and disappeared. piece of shit. if you ever see any positive reviews then you can be sure it is James writing to make it look like a legit review. STAY AWAY!

  • Jan 9, 2016

Nothing but out of this world trading results, trading with Sihle James Holdings L.L.C

Let me be the first, to post a review on Sihle James Holdings L.L.C and the present experiences I have had to date. My name is Donavan Pierce, and let me say this for the record, I have been a client with Sihle James Holdings L.L.C for over 6 years now. Now I must admit, I have made over 33x times my opening balance from the first trade with this firm to date, and let me say with both eyes open it came with alot of ups and downs to be expected as a individual options trader, and other people may have different results but not me. Yet there have been times, I may have been on the wrong side of a trade a few times with the firm. But I have learned as commented from James, that trading is about about planning, and planning is what we have done. 2015 has been excellent for me trading wise, and I look forward to 2016 well beyond words can say. When gains are made, i'm bouncing off the walls from the gains we made, when they're not I wait until the trades recovers and produces a gain making us whole. The biggest winners we made for 2015 trading year on quarterly earnings releases, with Sihle James Holdings L.L.C. was - - (YUM) 590% , (KORS) - 600%, (YELP) - 389%, (LL) - 600% and to many trades to list that I can go on and on about. But as I close let me say this, they're are 2 sides to every story and trust me when I tell you this, when you lose money trading stock options, you don't just fold and walk away, you stay in the game and get back to making winning trades. Even though other sites report half the story always remember, trading involves risk, and if your not emotionally stable to trade stock options you need to find another way to multiply your money. I have no complaints with Sihle James Holdings L.L.C., because if a trade makes a loss, my account would be traded back to the initial cost of the trade being purchased by Sihle James Holdings L.L.C. So if you want to make a fortune trading stock options for financial gains, I would surely say your in good hands with Sihle James Holdings L.L.C, I am living witness to that . Sincerely - Donovan Pierce

  • Jan 28, 2018


It is interesting how the alleged client above - aka Donovan Pierce - cannot even spell his name first consistently in his own message. How many people cannot spell their own name correctly? If you ever read anything James Crawford writes, you will find that he is a poor speller. In fact, that entire missive above looks like it was written by James himself - just read what he has written on other complaint boards, the language is all the same.

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