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Sheila Freeman

Country United States
State California
City Lake Elsinore
Phone 951-609-2141

Sheila Freeman Reviews

  • Oct 11, 2019

Sheila freeman is a duplicitous liar, a home wrecker, a drug addict and should learn to tell the truth or close her mouth! it was been brought to my attention through numerous sources sheila freeman posted the following on facebook a message evidently aimed directly to me, "mensa", and denotes "feeling amused" : "hey just fyi, if you use a lawyer to file a restraining order, please make sure that that lawyer knows what court to file in!! mensa!!"

I certainly am embarrassed for you and your flagrant display of dimwitted ignorance. I'm curious; is this sage advice coming from your decades of experience as a know-nothing uneducated inarticulate dunce welfare recipient?? You're clearly too stupid to argue with, know nothing about jurisdiction or the law, you are wrong and factually ignorant as in most things in your life evidenced by your stature, crv junk vehicle, weight, girth, frame, residence, credit score, arrest record, checking account balance and being a known confirmed liar by every member of your family.

What occurred is that even a loser gets lucky sometimes. We had the misfortune of having our case sent to an inept inexperienced commissioner, not a judge. We received a jurisdictional dismissal as the commissioner was unsure he possessed jurisdiction. He was incorrect.

Here is the law and legal definition, including the links, ask someone to explain it to you in terms you can comprehend: california family law code reference ยง 6211 F) any other person related by consanguinity or affinity within the second degree. A second-degree relative Sdr) is someone who shares 25% of a person's genes. Https://leginfo.Legislature.Ca.Gov/faces/codes_displaysection.Xhtml?Sectionnum=6211.&lawcode=fam https://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/second-degree_relative

Still "feeling amused" half-witted peabrain? We have several legal remedies/ options at our disposal including an appeal, a motion to reconsider, a motion for clarification, motion to vacate, and others including re-filing in the same court referencing the jurisdiction.

Clearly, we were in the correct court as the initial judge awarded our ex parte motion and granted the temporary restraining order, the second judge which granted an extension also believed it to be in the correct court, neither of the aforementioned court officials would have allowed the case to proceed otherwise.

The commissioner had been on the bench for only 3 weeks and made an error. You're simply a stupid person, an illiterate, and a chump!! my counsel informed your sister this was not over with and we will be refiling. Within hours of the dismissal in an attempt solely to harass and exhaust attorneys fees she files a bogus tro against me, the exparte was denied and set for trial per protocol.

We will re-file on my timeline, not hers. I filed a disqualification of the commissioner in fullerton and had the case relocated to central justice center, santa ana. Dependent on your sisters future actions i will likely file a defamation suit next.

Fast forward to september 2, 2019 we arrive in c-61 superior court, santa ana. The commissioner prefaces the fact she too is unsure this is even in the correct court, apprehensive about hearing the case and believed it might be a family court issue, as we said, as we filed, and as you made a complete fool out of yourself posting erroneously on facebook about, still "feeling amused"?.

We agreed for sake of brevity to waive jurisdiction and request the case be heard on it's merit. Commissioner also told your sorry sister Who brought this frivolous case merely as a means to harass) this is likely not a civil harassment case. Not once, but twice! she was told twice this is likely the wrong court. Still "feeling amused"??

It has also been brought to my attention you have come to the aid of your sister recently as a result of the exparte restraining order i was granted against her, the same sister who had you arrested for outstanding warrants. The same sister who had been forewarned voluminous times to cease and desist, stop contacting me, stop stalking me, stop stalking my businesses, stop posting false information about me, stop purporting i have a criminal record, i have never been arrested in my life!!! for anything, ever!

In addition, stop googling my name, stop creating fake profiles, stop contacting my customers or she leaves me no other choice than to #1 file for a restraining order and #2 sue her. I have been forced to defend my name and reputation and author a Scamion against her to state factual but scathing rebuttals and document the harassment.

I have retorted most of her false allegations online. Each time i post facts she makes up an entirely new series of fiction. The same sister that has made you her credulous chump had been harassing me, then plays the victim. You both have sullied my name, you both have told lies about me. You both owe me an apology!

The rumor was prior to court you were going to testify to your demented delusional drug induced recollection how i supposedly "strangled" you, and now it's been upgraded to attempted murder amoungst the dregs of society. Let's examine this for a brief moment and what instigated this incident where i was forced to defend myself. Sheila marie freeman was present as a supposed "witness" to testify in an entirely unrelated claim that i 'tried to strangle her' and as of 2019 the 25 year old claim has been upgraded to i "tried to murder her'. That's rich!

There were 4 Four) people present during the altercation you sheila freeman fomented. Her sister, now requesting the chumps requesting help in court was not one of them. Infact, i'm incredulous how many have an opinion about something they weren't present to and are privy to only the false claims from a mendacious lowlife with a track record of lying and drug use. Namely, sheila marie freeman.

Sheila freeman testified and lied under oath in court i "followed her around, was mocking her, grabbed her by the throat, pushed her up against a tree and said 'i'm going to kill you'." then claims her drug addict brother martin rejniak pushed him then punched him" next claims i said "come on bro i thought we were friends?".

Clearly the drugs have caused you a case of acute delusional disorder. First off, i never followed you anywhere. I was in the front yard the entire time i was at the house, i never went in the house, i never moved. Secondly, martin pushed me away, he never punched me. Had he actually punched me he would have been annihilated!

Third, your years of associating with drug addicts and convicts extends to your lexicon, i never have referred to anyone as "bro". I don't speak in this manner, and i wouldn't call someone outside of their name with a "bro" reference. I certainly didn't say anything to him about being friends. You here high that day, i'm sure you don't remember a thing other than what others have told you.

Coincidentally, sheri bull tells a different story which coincides with mine. Sheila then goes on to tell the court i posted something about her but omits the fact she posted something about me, my attorney and my mensa membership. Ahh, another case dismissed. Exparte dismissed, case dismissed, second exparte dismissed, case dismissed. Some people just lose their entire life.

Whereas my ex parte was granted, had we not been dismissed on jurisdictional grounds rest assured we would have received a permanent order. My attorney advised me in the beginning we likely wont receive attorneys fees because of the scathing manner in which i retorted your sister and nieces lies. If she doesn't leave me alone, we'll summarily refile.

Sheila freeman is duplicitous, the epitome of white trash, has been on and off welfare, mostly on for the better part of 35 Thirty five) years!! has a litter of children with several fathers, i've lost track. Sheila freeman like her sister, has stolen from me, robbed me of my reputation with her lies and will be addressed.

Bottom line is i have already addressed this false claim promulgated by her sister in a prior retort and once again will state sheila rejniak/ sheila freeman was under the influence of illegal narcotics She is/was a drug addict) encroached on my personal space and proceeded to assault me. I immediately went into self defense mode, grabbed her right hand She intended to strike me with) with my left hand and her larynx with my right hand.

This is a simple non injurious, non lethal restraint i applied. This incident had been incited years prior by sheila freeman lying to my father during my parents divorce. Sheila freeman turned jesus freak circa 2012 sent me a friend request on facebook.

I acquiesced and accepted the request as i am the bigger man and i was going to take the high road realizing people make mistakes and perhaps she was following her man made religious teaching and as part of her journey she is required to make amends to all those she has wronged. Conveniently that part of her religion she chooses to ignore, it's not convenient.

I was expecting an apology and planned to tell her she needed to apologize to the one she wronged the most, my father. No apology came, ever. She's too cheap to do the right thing, hey sheila... Your trailer park called and it's trash is missing!! for the record i found out her sister has cancer Again) indirectly through sheila freeman. Two faced duplicitous shitla! always starting sh*t

Circa 1990 my parents split up, again. As in prior separations my paternal siblings would meddle in my parents dirty laundry, some more than others. Sheila freeman disingenuously took my mothers side prior to my mother and myself moving to the state of washington. Sheila spent two full days with my mother, disparaging my father and encouraging my mother to leave!

Sheila had a couple of her children with her when my mother and i went to pick her up, and i concretely recall a trip to burger king, Walking distance from sheila freemans government welfare funded apartment) the burger king kids meals came with toys and these toys were left on the counter at my parents residence when sheila freeman was returned home and we left them on the kitchen countertop when we finished packing and locked up.

When my father returned home, the burger king kids meal toys were in plain sight. I later told my father on a phone call those are from sheila's kids, she was with mom and i for two full days and had a lot of derogatory pejorative things to say about him. He later confronted sheila freeman, and she denied it. Fast forward a year my parents reconnected and made another futile attempt to reconcile.

I went with my father to his parents house and sheila freeman was there. I had not entered the door so she hadn't seen i was with him, he confronted sheila again. She denied it, and it was a convincing act, a fake display of visceral emotion then began to call me a liar! at this point i walked in and the feud escalated. Bill, her now deceased brother walked me outside, told me to "calm down" and said "she's not worth it, and we all know she's a liar".

We summarily left and i would not see sheila freeman again until her mother, mary jane rejniak's funeral july 1994. The family attended the funeral as did i, mostly to support my father as i never cared for any of his family from my first memory as a child. At the reception after the wake and funeral the family returned to mary janes home.

I was standing outside near the front walkway and sidewalk when i began conversing with two of my cousins, david bull and sheri bull. There was no one else present but the three of us. And both bull kids agreed with me then and agree with me now. Sheila freeman under the influence of illegal narcotics comes toward me yelling, cursing, threatening and attempted to assault me.

As she breached and encroached into my personal space i immediately went into self defense mode. With my left hand i grabbed her right hand as she attempted to assault me with, and her larynx with my right hand. This is a simple, non injurious, non lethal self defense restraint.

Sheila began screaming to usher to her aid anyone that would come. First her drug addict brother, martin rejniak, whom i helped out many times throughout the years, bought groceries for his kids, now both him kids are drug addicts, drove martin rejniak to and from work when i was only sixteen years old runs outside and pushes me away from her.

Next, her dirtbag brother of lancaster, ca daniel rejniak comes outside and tells me to leave. As if i did something to initiate all this; apparently i'm not allowed to defend myself. Fine with me, i've fought my parents for years against having to step foot in that house or fraternize with this entire family. I left and severed ties.

This scuffle, all started and instigated by sheila freeman would escalate further with rumor and innuendo. For weeks, through the grapevine all i heard is how i crushed her windpipe, she purported she had to go to the hospital and couldn't breathe. This low rent, welfare chiseling, home wrecking, drug addict w***e continued to call me a liar.

This ladies and gentleman is how she was dubbed the nickname "shitla" because she had a history of starting sh*t... It's true i thought sheila was cute when she was younger, if only in a meretricious way. Now, she's just as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside!

I digress...Back to the aforementioned harassment stalking restraining order case where you, the chump, sheila freeman who was arrested thanks to the sister you are now siding with, the one you haven't spoken to in years, and in some alternate universe think your testimony from an incident when you were on drugs, an incident you incited, an incident to this day you lie about and sully my name, an incident that occurred >25 years ago which has no relevance to this case whatsoever and offers no affirmative defense for your sister for her decades of stalking, harassing, besmirching my name, promulgating false rumors and innuendo, contacting my customers, writing false reviews and disturbing my peace is proof positive how unbelievably ignorant you are.

You are not a credible witness, at trial the commissioner dismissed you and struck your testimony from the record and found you to not credible. You're a proven a habitual liar. Your testimony would never be entered on the record under cross examination your lies would have been debunked. Sheri bull and david bull are the only two witnesses and both side with me then and now. 3 against a druggie liar welfare recipient.

Sheri agreed and agrees with me to this day. Sheri stated and reiterated that she told you that you were in the wrong and i was defending myself and she stated you became irate with her. Ask her. Try taking some responsibility, then again, look who i'm talking about your whole life is and always has been a wreck... Circa 2012 sheila freeman sent me a friend request on facebook.

I acquiesced, and accepted the friend request as i reminded myself that everyone makes mistakes and deserves a second chance, i erroneously believed she wanted to own what she did and make amends like the "christian" she lies and tells everyone she is. I surmise she's a "christian" when it's convenient, like most hypocrites, picks and chooses which part of her man made bible and man made religion applies to her.

I assumed she would admit to my father she lied and offer an apology to him and apologize to myself. To date, this hypocrite who calls herself a "christian" two faced duplicitous jesus freak has yet to admit she participated in my parents separation, sided with my mother, admit she was at my parents residence when they were split up or acknowledge she has been lying about this for 28 years, not me.

She would occasionally 'like' some of my photos but no apology was ever offered. I realized she's too cheap of a person, i'll never be offered an apology, she's incapable of being honest or owing responsibility, then unfriended her. To date, i've had no contact with sheila freeman and haven't looked at her facebook, she's a waste of time.

Incase it is unclear to anyone else; i will not be harassed, bullied or have my character tarnished by false information. I have done more with my life than all of you combined! get over your jealousy and find someone else to hate and harass. I don't tolerate bullies! you're the most pathetic hateful repugnant people i have ever had the displeasure of knowing.

I have been the recipient of harassment, threats, lies, character assassinations, slander, libel, bullying, stalking, disturbing of my peace, and malicious innuendo for over 25 years despite my best efforts to ignore and disassociate from this nasty hateful miserable family of no account zero's.

I have never wronged a single person in this family, and i will never capitulate to any of the aforementioned behavior from anyone; rest assured, i will respond swiftly. If anyone else is foolish enough to continue, you too will be dealt with! anyone who continues to promulgate any further false information about myself, besmirch my good name, interfere with my reputation Both personal and professional), my relationships, my friends, my family, my employees, my clients, my tenants, interfere with my businesses, gossip, stalk, etc.

Rest assured i will defend myself and i will systematically retaliate against each individual. You're all a pathetic go-nowhere know-nothing congregation of two bit losers, jealous, who lead hateful drab miserable existences and live in the past! you are all light years behind me and you are out of your league.

As i told sheila freemans sister a plethora of times over the last two and a half decades: leave me alone; you will lose! she's done nothing but lose and you will too! most of you owe me an apology i will never receive. I'd tell you to get a life, but why start now?? Leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheila freeman finds it easier to sit around than work for a living like a productive member of society, sheila freeman most recently had a short lived job as a secretary, but it was too much work sheila freeman has been predominantly on assistance since i was a child, well over 35 years!

Sheila freeman was arrested for an outstanding warrant after having a fallout with her sister. This sister called the police and had her arrested sheila freeman plays the part of of chump and capitulates to her sisters request of desperation sheila freeman resides moving from one dump to another for the last decade in lake elsinore, an absolute hellhole, cesspool and one of the highest crime rates in riverside county, sheila freeman has first rented a trailer, fitting place!

Hey sheila, your trailer park called and it's trash is missing!! sheila freeman then rented an 800 sq ft dump she recently had to move sheila freeman's latest baby daddy is an illegal, now american trash doesn't want you either?? Sheila freeman then moves with her baby daddies family in another dump with a "view" of lake elsinore, aka a sewer.

Sheila freeman's lake elsinore has a crime rate 86% higher than other california cities, sheila freeman had to wake up early at least five times to waste her time and gas driving to court in orange county to aid the sister that had her arrested be a witness to nothing, sheila freeman has several speeding citations. What are you late for?

You don't have a job!! sheila freeman failed to appear for her citations. Why didn't you make court, you certainly didn't have to work! sheila freeman has received red light tickets. Did you run the red light because you were late for the job you don't have?? Sheila freeman has registration violations.

Sheila freeman has citations for driving without proof of insurance. Sheila freeman has family that has to distance themselves from her because "she's too negative" and "i cannot deal with her negativity", let's face it shitla, your life is drab!!

Say, post,smear, discredit, repeat, defame, misrepresent, vilify, denigrate, lambaste, utter, write, calumniate, state, taint, disparage, traduce, relay, decry, vituperate, reiterate, recite anything false about me ever again and you'll rue the day, you will be held accountable! i would think twice about believing anything that comes from this street trash! sincerely, mensa

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