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Sheer Health

Country United States
State Florida
City Ocoee
Address 602 Chester Pines Ct
Phone (844) 573-6634

Sheer Health Reviews

  • Oct 29, 2018

Been trying for weeks for some contact with this sheer health company,phone number always busy,i need to cancel whatever asap cause they have my checking account and are withdrawing funds from bank,they have not sent any products even paying for nothing,i dont know how to stop this.i have to change all my info,totally screwed!

  • Jul 3, 2017

The ad said I could get a SAMPLE bottle for the cost of $4.95 shopping. I thought that was fair enough. Now my credit card is maxed out, due to them charging extra amounts, NOT authorized by me. I really don't know what the charges are for and I can no longer locate the ad/website online. I got sucked in by an onlne advertisement for Luminol Anti-Aging Serum. The ad said I could get a SAMPLE for the price of $4.95 for shipping. I entered my card info and received the sample, which actually worked for me. However, I just realized why my card is maxed out- because Ive gotten UNAUTHORIZED charged to my card by by Digital Dollars Consulting LLC. I only authorized one payment of $4.95 to this company, and they stole my identity, and my hard-earned credit. Now my credit rating has plummeted, and I can no longer use my card. I need my credit repaired, and this company needs stopped. I also believe these people/this company/the Luminol ad are taking advantage of elderly people by stealing our money and credit.

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