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Shaver & Time World

Country United States
State Michigan
City Redford
Address 27326 Grand River Ave
Phone (313) 534-0736

Shaver & Time World Reviews

  • May 12, 2017

On May 10, 2017, I went to Shaver World & Time, in Redford, Michigan to have my shaver adjusted. I explained to an older man who worked there, that i had been there two weeks ago with my hair clippers to have them serviced because they were dull. I told him i needed them serviced again because the blades I later replaced them with were pinching me when i shaved. The older man took my clippers to a back room. I waited for him to return to let me know what the problem he found with clippers were and what the cost would be to resolve the problem. After waiting about 5 minutes, a younger man returned with a cocky bad attitude!!! He was screaming at me and saying i was full of [email protected]£.... and to leave his shop and never ever come back again!!!! He accused me of lying about bringing the clippers to their shop for repair. I told him i just wanted the clippers adjusted and that i didn't appreciate his yelling at me and using profanity and that he was being very disrespectful!!! He continued screaming at me again to get out now and he doesnt want my money and didnt care to see any proof of prior services i had there!!! He said he was going to call the police!!! I told him to go right ahead and call the police because i had done nothing wrong!!! He then told me I was dumb and stupid!!!! I left his shop feeling traumatized, embarrassed, humiliated and frustrated!!! No merchant has the right to disrespect any customer in such a manner regardless of the circumstances!!! I wouldn't recommend or give the time of day to Shaver World & Time if it was the last business shop on this earth!!!

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