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Shanty Dachshund Puppies

Country United States
State Virginia
City Staunton
Address 226 Foxfield Dr
Phone 757-276-8295

Shanty Dachshund Puppies Reviews

  • Jun 8, 2021


I'm looking for a new cream or English cream male mini dachshund. I came across this site online so I inquired aBout the puppy. Asked for details on parents and healthy testing. Immediately received a text stating that they could have puppy at my front door ( mind you free of charge) within 24-36 hours? I informed them that my son was only 3 hours away and would like him to pick up in person and being puppy was ready to go at 11 weeks I saw no need to pay ahead of time or place a deposit. Also they called the puppy by the wrong name in the text but it gets better, I also received an email which the puppy was again called by a different name then what was on the website or what they called him on the text?

I asked about health testing on parents to which they responded all health testing needs to be completed before AKC will register? WHAT? I immediately told them that wasn't true to which they responded "ok, have a nice day" I know this is a scam first no puppy sales for $600 and includes free shipping to your front door so not just to your closest airport but your front door? This doesn't happen, I'm sorry no reputable Breeder is going to eat the cost of shipping let alone a scam artist who is simply looking to steal your money, but it sounds good doesn't it?

That's what they are banking on!!!! Please ask questions, please ask for references of past buyers as well as their vet reference, any reputable Breeder will gladly give you this information and will be thankful you are interested in where your new family member is coming from. I'm also attaching photos I was sent just in case the real owner of this puppy sees this.

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