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Sewing Supply Warehouse

Country United States
State Florida
City Port Charlotte
Phone (941) 766-7118

Sewing Supply Warehouse Reviews

  • Mar 18, 2016

The home page of this web store states in bold blue fonts Most Orders Shipped Within One Business Day.

Four days ago, I ordered about $100 worth of thread with Sewing Supply Warehouse over the internet, thinking I might receive it in a week or two. And today I called to inquire about tracking number for my order. After briefly speaking to order processing department, I realized it will take 3-4 weeks for me to receive my purchase from the day I placed the order. I decided to cancelled the order

Monday- early in the morning I placed an order, I received automated email confirming the order, in which it is stated order should be processed within 1-2 days.

Wednseday - I get an "order update" email. The email lists the item I purchased, and tells me to follow the link to track the shipment, and the link is listed. Since no where in this email they state wether shipment was made or not, I am a bit confused. I click on the link included in the email, but realize without a tracking number(which is not included in the email), the link is immaterial. I look through the order page to see if tracking number has been listed without success.

Thursday - I call the company to inquire about the tracking number. I was transferred to order processing department. A man(I believe his name is Gary) answers. Gary told me shipment was processed on Wednseday, and the order won't be shipped for 4 to 10 business days.

I said "your order update had a hyperlink to track shipment, so I assumed the order was shipped."

He sacastrically says "Where does it say your order was shipped? It does not say it was shipped, and it's not shipped". I wanted to get to the point without arguing about his unprofessional attitude, so I asked, "So when might my order be sent out? Middle of next week?".

My question was met with "As I said, 4-10 business days, I have other things to do I need to go". His rudeness aside, I wanted to get specific information, so I asked "Your websites states it takes 1-2 days for processing time and delivery time, so why this delay?" He answered "We do not have all the components for your order, do you want me to send it to you when it's not ready?". I said "So why did you not say this at the beginning of the conversation? and why was I not told about this 4-10 business day wait on the email update?". He said "Because you didn't ask." I said "how could I ask about the cause of delay when your email message was unclear on the shipment?" At this point, he very rudely said "what do you want me to do?, you were being argumentative from the beginning." Although I was not rude or argumentative up to that point, I become irked with his nonsense. But I did not want to irritate him since he may withold my order indefinately, so I said calmly, "I'd like to cancel the order". He said "okay". I asked "what is cancellation and refund process?" to this he replied "you have not been charged for the order", then before I could say anything else, he hung up with "I have other things to do"

I understand sometimes delivery can be delayed for many different reasons, but I do expect the company, within reasonable time, notify the customer "IF" and "WHEN" shipment will happen. And when I contact them with questions, they should have a customer service agent who can answer my question in a professional and transparent manner. This company failed to notify me of delayed shipment. This store could have notify me of the delayed shipment schedule, or at least could have answered my inquiry with a basic courtesy...but failed on both front.

In conclusion, unless you can wait for 2-4 weeks for your order, I would not place multiple item order with this company. As a small business owner myself, I understand one needs to handle ten things at once and do them all professionally. Gary, or whoever answered my call definately should not be dealing with customers if he is too busy to answer customer's questions.

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