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Sesame Place

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Langhorne
Address 100 Sesame Rd
Phone 215-702-3566

Sesame Place Reviews

  • May 5, 2018

The tickets they sold me shows Friday, May 4,2018, but they are not open. Representative stated to book vacation package through site and select Elmo breakfast and this would be for the Super Why breakfast on Saturday, May 5, 2018. Called to confirm reservation May 4th and was told you cannot book super why breakfast through site only through representative and that there was no availability now. Unwilling to correct the error.

  • May 30, 2017

As a former employee on my feet 9 hours a day I saw everything that went on at this corrupt park. I will begin by explaining why kids and families should not visit here. The first thing that happens when you visit is a very high parking fee to park in a hot parking lot. If you insist on visiting, park in one of the shopping centers close by, walk and save yourself some money. Also, do not eat in the park, leave and go down the street. Next you will be hit with outrageous fees for a VERY, VERY small park. You get a very small park because Bucks County, PA has literally no land left. That land is taxed very high too. It is all passed onto you!

The biggest rip off of this park is how incredibly filthy it is. The young kids who put you on the rides are the same ones cleaning the park. I would ALWAYS see kids and teenagers piss and crap on the blacktop and it would sit reeking in the sun for hours. While I was not the MOST popular worker there I was popular enough not to be stuck cleaning up piss and barf. Those railings, that sand, the rides, counters, water fountains, never ever get cleaned. What you will always see are kids with dustpans and brooms. It looks good! Take a close look at those archaic brooms and rotten sticky dustpans. As a worker you are threatened by the college bosses in charge of 16 year olds that if it isn't cleaned you will pay! The bathrooms would be filled with tons of bloody maxi pads, pissy toilet paper all over the floor. Oh, wait, Tom is ugly and quiet, he can clean the bathroom. Let's all cackle and make jokes, then sneer at him. Where is the next line of supervisors? You see them twice a day strolling through the park. They don't want to be in a hot humid sweat and piss filled park in dress pants and a tie. The college bosses/dictators never help out. The unpopular kids get stuck cleaning bathrooms, picking up trash, etc. The reason why? Managers for the lifeguards and the ride workers are 98% students at Penn State, as was the VP of operations, Jeff Davis. If you don't don't go to Penn State or another party college you are ignored and disrespected. While you are being told what to do, your college bosses talk about their drinking bashes and sexual escapades. Every colleges boss went to parties and often came to work hung over. Yes, customers notice this and overhear the comments!

The college bosses are incredibly rotten to their underlings. I thought it would be a fun job for the summer but I was treated awful by both management and upper management. I was 19 so I was punished every night because of the laws for how late kids under 18 can work. They also don't tell you, oh, Thursday night at 7 pm is a mandatory meeting of 400 people to discuss rules of the underlings. Also, you never work 40 hours because they don't want to pay overtime. You are given a small disgusting break room shared among 400 people. Of course Sesame Place hires 85% high school students. Why? They get paid A LOT less. They can work until Halloween. Those who are more mature and responsible pick up their slack. The incredibly good looking teenage boys do nothing but stand around flirting. The high school students who do not need the jobs are always asked to return the next season. The college kids who truly did work and need the money for tuition aren't asked back.They cost a bit more.

No one with a disability works at the park. Very few minorities are hired, as compared to white kids. I can recall 1 person in Upper Management who is a minority. If you have a medical condition and Sesame Place finds out about it you are screwed. I watched workers being picked on. They had very slick ways of canning someone with epilepsy. He is the best worker there is. We will say he didn't do his job correctly. When he asks to show proof of video footage. Oh, that got accidentally erased. Why have that young man here? He might have a seizure and cost us money. Who cares if he needs a job! Sure they keep you around until college starts but then you are told on your last working day you can't come back in May of next year. Oh, wait, all of the handsome high school boys got asked back, as did the girls. Now that I am a parent of a 5 year old I will never go back there to visit. Safety would be my first concern. What happens when your child gets hurt? The closest hospital with a trauma unit takes 20 minutes to get to on a good day. If Sesame Place keeps a dirty park what will they do when someone is hurt? You think it gets cleaned at night by a professional cleaning company! Nope! Those same lazy high school students are taking every short cut possible to go out and party! While you might have to drive to Allentown, Jackson or Clemonton to go to another theme park, please do. At least these companies might be fair in how they treat their employees. For those of you who work their now make sure you know your rights as an employee. Hit record on your phone when speaking with a boss. It is not worth the aggravation to work there.

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