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Service King Collision Repair Thousand Oaks

Country United States
State Texas
City San Antonio
Address 3711 Thousand Oaks
Phone 1 210-545-6202

Service King Collision Repair Thousand Oaks Reviews

  • Oct 7, 2018

MY STORY!!! My Brand new 2010 Toyota Corolla S $8,000 down. @19, 8 months after moving to Texas it got broken into on the passenger side. Universal Toyota dealership in San Antonio Texas, said they don't do break in repairs, so Travelers Insurance whom I had at that time, suggested Service King. Travelers, said they were a great reputable company and they had Travelers concierge right there at the location. Long story short, after a week and a half in the shop on San Pedro Ave when I went to go get the car, Immediately!

I noticed the whole driver side with damages, my driver seat was in the car crooked with ripped seam, stains and a frayed tag. Service King admitted the technician took out the wrong seat. General manager Randy Barnes said that this should have never happened and that they were going to fix it and make it all better. My car was in the shop another week and a half. SO THIS SHOP HAD MY CAR A TOTAL OF A MONTH!!! With an eye for detail, looking at my photos before the break-in, before it went in the shop and after being in the shop,

what do you think they were doing with a metallic, pretty, (was pretty anyhow until somebody got their thieving little hands on it) brand new Toyota Corolla S, with just under 20,000 miles, from a single woman? SOMEONE (S) AT/IN SERVICE KING ADDED DAMAGES ,DID NOT FIX AND REPAIR PRIOR BREAKING DAMAGES, STOLE,AND STRIPPED MY CAR. Apparently other locations have done the same thing to other consumers they have about 13 reports on this website. I took it to small claims court the judge did nothing for me. I have been violated by a corruptive company and judicial system. Anyone that has had issues with this company at any shop location needs to contact me and you can still file a complaint against the company with the attorney general's office

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