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Service King

Country United States
State Texas
City Grand Prairie
Address 3060 W. I-20
Phone (972) 660-4455

Service King Reviews

  • Sep 12, 2021

Accident repair for my relatives 1986 chevrolet camaro was sub par. On an insurance claim with eerie the estimate to repair was $2100. This included repairing damage to the fender, the nose, the headlight assembly and replacement of the badge. The results are abysmal. Single stage paint was sprayed over bubbling clear coat without blending it in so now there are highly visible uneven areas and when the clear coat flakes the job looks worse than before the accident. The manager claimed that the paint was base and clear.

I highly doubt that based on the coverage and It looks far worse than before the accident. The paint was sprayed without enough reducer causing "paint pop" which the manager blamed on the underlying product from the factory (sealer should have been used if that was the case). The badge on the nose was scraped off with a putty knife causing chipping of paint on the corner of the indentation for the badge on the nose. The manager said that was okay because there were already road chips on the nose (they could have used glazing putty).

The cherry on the cake is that they cared so little and lacked enough pride in their work that they placed the new badge upside down and cocked to the left. This was an unprofessional job and the management is belligerent. Unsatisfactory indeed. The insurance claim will be resubmitted. This is another case of a shady business preying on young and inexperienced people.

  • May 15, 2021

June of last year my truck sustained damage in an accident. I contacted my insurance to start the claim process. Everything was fine until the original adjuster forced me to take my truck to the Service King on Rufe Snow Drive. This shop had my truck for several months. When I contacted the General Manager to arrange for a hotshot to recover my vehicle and deliver it to me, suddenly the repair work started. Isn’t that ironic.

When I was able to eventually recover my vehicle I started to take note of the issues. First, my truck was dropped off with a full tank of fuel. When I picked it up, the truck was completely empty. The chip in the truck had been turned up to the maximum level. The fuel spout was not even bolted back into the bedside. That was a surprise I discovered when I stopped at the gas station next door to the shop to fill my tank. Several of the parts on my truck were missing. Or the new hardware that came with the replacement parts was missing and used or mismatched hardware was used.

On the drive back to Utah from Texas, the truck was not operating the way it did before the accident. I was getting steering travel. The vehicle was not accelerating or decelerating normal. There was a clicking/thumping noise coming from the vehicle. When I went to install the replacement fender flares, that is when I discovered that the body work/repair was completely out of spec. They had literally left bent and damaged parts on my truck and just painted over them. They also got a ton of clear coat overspray on the windshield of the truck. On the cab of the truck there were areas that had been sanded and never re-painted. The entire interior of my truck was covered in body filler dust, paint and clear coat overspray.

My truck was taken to another shop in Utah for a complete re-repair of all the body work that was improperly done by Service King. The agreement between my insurance and Service King was that Service King would have to pay the local shop for the re-repair. When the shop called and said my truck was ready for pickup, I was surprised yet again. Service King had not paid them for the repair. They were not returning the shops phone calls or e-mails requesting they settle the balance. Service King kept giving the local shop credit card numbers that did not work and making excuse after excuse.

I recently had an engine code pop up relating to my transmission. When the transmission pan was dropped for inspection, fiberglass and body filler material was found in the transmission fluid, pan, solenoid and valve body. Costing me thousands of dollars to repair.

During the repair process at Service King, the General Manager called me while I was on the phone with my insurance adjuster. He had no idea she was on the phone and that the call was being recorded. He offered to do any other work I wanted to the truck and that he would just charge those things to the Service King American Express and get creative with the supplemental bill he would submit to my insurance. I was adamant that he not do that and that they only repair what was damaged in the accident and approved by my insurance. If you or I pulled a stunt like that, we would be charged and arrested for insurance fraud.

I have contacted the Richland Hills Police Department about the General Managers attempted insurance fraud. Based on this experience with Service King in Richland Hills, I will never let my vehicle be touched by any of their shops ever again. This is my accurate and honest review of my experience with this shop and I do not recommend having a vehicle repaired by them.

  • Jan 28, 2019

June 6 2018 paint and body work was started on my 2017 Subaru outback, the estimated work time was 20 days. And as promised some 20 days later they said the car was ready. My inspection revealed the car was a mess after they claimed repairs were complete. They agreed and worked another week , then said it was ready.

I picked up the car after a quick inspection of the former needed repair locations , it seem to be better. But with a serious look it was clear that for every one thing said to he repaired ,2 more things were damaged or poorly repaired. As in debris ,fish eyes, runs in the paint. Sand , buffing marks on lens covers ,chrome and textured plastic accessories.

This type of poor service continued even after upper management and quality control were involved. 5 diffrent times this happened with 20 plus pictures or diffrent damage on each occasion. Even today after picking up the car for the last time in November if 2018.

It still has over spray, damaged plastic fixtures and a satellite radio antenna that is installed backwards.

There are not enough words to explain how I do not wish this for you. But the real slap in the face came with a rental agency's bill that said ,even though service king setup and agreed to pay the bill. Some $1570.00 ..well since they have not paid as of today...then I'm responsible. After escalating with corporate i have heard nothing some 4 days later. I was told diffrent.

I patiently await corporate managements response but will not hold my breath. I can't imagine the little old lady next doors face when she finds the trade in value of her car suffered because she trusted service king as i did. We can learn something from a fool. You don't have to he one.

  • Sep 30, 2016

Horrible Experience with this service king!!! My husband was there to pick up our car 2 weeks back on Saturday, there were only one employee working on that day. There were 7 customers in line to get there things done. My husband gave check written for $1001 for our payment to service king, the guy working there enter $10001 instead of $1001 in there Tele check electronic deposit machine and he gave machine to sign and my husband noticed that before signing that he entered wrong amount of $10001. He told the guy and he called there merchant to void the transaction and merchant mentioned " this transaction has voided and consider that this transaction never happened ". The guy gave VOIDED receipt to him and He wrote another new check to guy for $1001. As other customers were waiting there so he really didn't much bother to get everything in written what happened.

on Tuesday, We got the message from our bank that our account was over drawn as that VOIDED transcation for $10001 was posted as pending in our bank account. I had to borrow money to put it in my account to avoid over draft charges. We called service king regarding this, they took it very lightly (like it was matter of $100) and said transaction was voided so fund will never clear our account and pending transaction will be cancelled out next day morning but still they will call to merchant to make sure of all these and will call us back, That NEVER happen... Wensday morning I got the message from bank that my account was over drawn as that $10001 transaction and real payment of $1001 both were posted from pending to withdrawn. So we called service king regarding this and they said this is not possible and this could have not happened. Afternoon manager from service king called and said they have never received fund from my bank. But he got ready to check with their accountant and called me back and said the same thing. But Money from my account was gone. We had to call our bank and also he went to branch to give copy of all proof about voided transaction and copy of check after that bank put the claim in dispute and my bank got us temporary credit on Friday evening and still we are waiting to get our permanent credit. My husband got bank and service king manager on conference call, that time Service king manager said they did receive credit that day and he is in talk with Tele check people to refund the amount and He would also refund any fees incurred due to over draft and they will do something to make it right. Then he said he will follow up with us whats the status.But we haven't received call so we called back on Tuesday. This time my husband was really annoyed and he asked manager that who is going to pay for all this INCONVENIENCE (almost 30 calls combined to bank and service king, going to bank and mostly $10001 gone), STRESS and TROUBLE. He says that should be Telecheck. Well we did transaction with service king and we don't know telecheck. And still trying to reach Service king manager for the status. And now tired of waiting for his call and prompt response after almost 14 days. So had to write this here.

We understand that everyone make mistake, but when it happen by your company, you have to try hard to get it corrected rather than telling customer that so and so did it......(WE ARE REALLY UPSET AS WE INFORMED THEM WHEN WE SAW THAT $10001 AS PENDING IN OUR ACCOUNT STILL THEY DIDN'T TAKE IT SERIOUSLY).. They treated us like that it was matter of $10. It is illegal, that they took out $10001 when check was only written for $1001 and MY HUSBAND NEVER AUTHORIZE that amount.

Giving it one star for the poor employee who was by himself on that day, he made mistake but he did his job to call merchant and get transaction voided. But SHAME on other employees, who didn't take their job seriously.

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