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Seize The Day Entartaining, LLC.

Country United States
State Florida
City Boca Raton
Address 6349 Walk Circle
Phone 1-305-766-6153

Seize The Day Entartaining, LLC. Reviews

  • Oct 3, 2019

My business colleague and I worked for the third time with the management of crossover violinist Assia Ahhatt. The first time (several years ago), my company was not paid a $5,000 fee that was owed for arranging meetings with top music producers, which I was able to arrange meetings with three A-list, award-winning producers. I was not paid this fee from Seize The Day.

I overlooked this terrible experience, when I was approached again to work with Seize The Day Entertaining on the CD release party for Assia Ahhatt's "All In" release, and handled PR/Social Media. While there were some payment issues, but we were eventually paid in full for this project.

I was approached again recently to assist with PR, Social Media and partnerships for Assia Ahhatt's upcoming fall tour of Columbus, Cincinnati, Detroit and Syracuse (October 3-8). The fee agreed upon was $4,000 with $2,500 due at commencement (which was paid) and $1,500 due no later than October 1st. A status report by Ms. Voinych (aka Sonja Wagner) was requested when no payment was made by the October 1 deadline.

Ms. Voinych for several days from September 29 - October 3 would not respond to any calls, emails, or messages regarding the payment due no later than October 1, 2019. Finally on October 3, Ms. Voinych requested a report on ROI, which did not make sense, because you cannot correalate editorial placement with advertising buys, but she did not seem to understand this. A status report that was provided previously was resubmitted and updated upon request. Regardless of this fact, the payment was due on October 1st and the last concert is on October 8th. A principal of her company, Mr. Igor Balenko, was also cc-d on all of the correspondence.

My colleague's and my part of the work was completed very well, beyond expectations, and we expect to be paid the full fee. I would advise anyone working with Seize The Day Entertaining LLC in the future to be paid upfront. The tour will continue in early 2020 in the West Coast of the US.

I have filed a small claims court for this outstanding payment. It's more about the principle of the situation as this was the second time the company has not met its obligations to me. My and my colleague's work was outstanding, and that is why they keep coming back for our assistance, but we refuse to be disrespected and not paid what is owed per agreement. We have nothing against the artist Assia Ahhatt, in fact, she is a lovely person and artist, however we wish to be treated with professionalism and respect, and receive the agreed upon outstanding payment of $1,500.

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