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Seeing Eye

Country United States
State Oregon
City Redmond
Address 666 Weaseeayou Drive
Phone 543-666-6666

Seeing Eye Reviews

  • Aug 4, 2017

When a lottery of any state takes " WINNERS STILL LEFT" off their website it's a sure sign they are lieing to scratch it ticket buyers! I contacted Oregon State Lottery and talked to the director for the OSL about how many winning tickets are actualy in each pack of tickets they send out all over the state in stores and bars and wherever you might see their 2 fingers up sign ( which should be just the middle finger) and he stated that in every pack of tickets there are 16 garunteed winners be it $1-$20 priced tickets !

So I set out to find out the truth! Once a week I went to random stores though out Oregon and bought whole packs of random tickets! I quickly found out the director had lied to me! One pack of $5 tickets I bought in Bend Oregon had 1 YES 1 $5 winner in the whole pack of tickets !!!!! And this went on for a year! I found not one big winner (top prize) in any packs I bought !

Which got my attention to the LIE the director had told to me ! So I set my sights on going to stores and asking them if they had sold any BIG winners in their store in the past 5 years! EVERY store had said the same thing! " We havent seen any big winners in the past 5 years or more! Infact most stores want to get rid of Oregon Lottery out of their stores (tickets) ! In fact most stated It does nothing for their shoppers or store! So my question is this!

Ever since Kate Brown got her seat in Oregon Nobody has seen nothing but losers AND nothing being done with the BILLIONS Oregon Lottery has stolen from the public! Then I made another call to the Lottery and asked who is in charge of watching over the lottery and was told the Oregon State Police watch over the lottery to make sure their is no fraud going on! Now think about this for a minute! Is that not like the wolfs watching over the Sheep? Or better yet THE CROOKS WATCHING OVER THE CROOKS?????

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