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Seed Technologies

Country United States
State Oklahoma
City Tulsa
Address 7229 S 85th Ave E Suite 200
Phone 918.742.0028

Seed Technologies Reviews

  • Mar 9, 2023

This crazy *** company - who was incapable of delivering on their word, sent "my debt" to the most annoying junk debt collector - tucker albin. This debt collector has horrible reviews with the bbb and is on Scamion, complaintsboard and other sites for their sleazy scare tactics.

They are violating multiple laws by calling me 7 times in a row No embellishment) and leaving me ghetto text messages with poor spelling and verb usage. I know my rights! get the *** away from me. What you just did is going to be put all over the internet.

You should have walked peacefully. You are greedy and pathetic. You cannot create a retail site and you don't understand what a "brand" is. I suggest you tell "tucker albin" to stop attempting to collect.

If you don't, i won't lose here. Believe me. You stew on that. Greedy, pathetic people never win against me.

Ever. This does not scare me. You really don't know me. Step down now.

Final warning. Involve the courts and i have lots more ammunition than you. I am so protected it's nuts. Try it.

Do it. You have no idea who came to you as an honest person and you tried to swindle me with that bs extra 5 g's to put a petition in for novena candles. Are you out of your mind?! get out of my life now or the wrath will be felt on your side.

I keep my promises.

That's why people hire me. I deliver.

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