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Sears Home Warranty

Country United States
State Illinois
City Hoffman Estates
Address 3333 Beverly Road
Phone 1-888-203-9240

Sears Home Warranty Reviews

  • Jun 16, 2022

I Contacted Sears Home Warranty CCCHS (appliance warranty in force and paid to date) to schedule a refrigerator service for no refrigerator cooling/freezing March 2022.

Since the initial March 2022 request for service, we have had to schedule a Sears Home Warranty technician four addional occasions.....TOTAL OF FIVE (5) REFRIGERATOR SERVISE CALLS FOR THE SAME NO COOLING/FREEZING ISSUES.

Most recent service call was June 14, 20022. While tech was on site he reported to me that he recieved a service call cancellation via his cell phone. He pack his tool bag an left. Told me to reschedule a service a call.

I did not re-schdule a service call for a sixth (6th) time. Thru frustration, I cancelled the servcie contact via the Sears Home Warranty website.

I should also report the Sears tried to bill me $149 for the June 14 service call. My appliance contact clearly states that a call back is no charge for 180 days after first repair,

Since my Sears Home Wannty concellation, my credit card company has advised that Sears Home Warranty has charge to credit card $290 for a cancellation fee. I can not find this cancellation fee amount in my contract documents.

  • Apr 27, 2022

XSears Home Warranty took out of my bank account for a full years warranty when I had authorized only oner months payment.

They now refuse to give me the mony back and keep saying it will be refunded in 3 to 5 business days. This has been going on for over a month now.

  • Apr 19, 2022

What a nightmare experience. From my credit card company's pov, they are not fraudlent so no consumer protection from CC company. This company is definately unethical in that they will bill for no service and use the initial over the phone conversation as evidence of a "verbal contract" to enter into a monthly service charge of $49.99 until the cancellation fee is paid in full($30.00).

The washing machine broke down in October. I thought I was calling sear repair department. This is not Sears Roebuck but a scam company using Sears as their business name.

A repair techncian came out and told us to buy a new washing machine. We did. Then we noticed that we were charged for the service repair(that didn't do anything) and each month afterwards a monthly charge would occur.

The credit card company attempted to recover the charges but technically speaking, there is a verbal contract and their is no fraud. I really thought I was just getting a sear repairman coming out to repair a one time repair. I never intended to enroll into a monthly warranty service.

My mistake, I paids 5 months and the cost of the repair after the cc compant charged us back after finding no fraud. $300 mistake with no gain, we bought a new washing machine on our own.

We got scammed and found no recourse but to pay the cancellation fee and write out the cost as a misadventure.

  • Nov 23, 2021

Very long story but I'll keep it brief. We purchased the extended warranty, called Master Protection Plan, on our Kenmore Elite front load washing machine. This past January, 2021, we began experiencing a problem with the washer. We contacted Sears calling 1-800-4MY-HOME as instructed to make an appointment. The appointment was made & a technician came, diagnosed the issues & ordered parts.

Fast forward to today, November 24, 2021. Boxes and boxes of parts, some are huge, have arrived over the last nine months and are sitting under the carport. Technicians have come and gone, scheduled appointments made by Sears have been made only to have them cancel them the appoinments. Call, after call, after call have been made to try to get the washer repaired, but still no repairs have been made. The washer is completely broken down and can't be used and has been the whole time. I've tried calling what is supposed to be their corporate headquarters but of course they have that rigged so all you get is a person who can hardly speak clear english and gives you the same line every time.

At this point we have no idea what to do. Our guess is they are trying to put off repairing the machine until the warranty we purchased has expired. Oh yes, I have all of the emails from Sears of appoinment dates, parts orders saved. I've got a paper trail that will reach to the moon.

  • Aug 10, 2021

I have been seeking a resolution of a Sears Home Warranty case for more than a year now. The case involves a ___________ refrigerator that we had under Sears warranty for years. When the unit needed repair, we were told by a maintenance man that examined it, that the parts were no longer available and that a replacement unit would be available to us as part of the warranty options. We could either receive a check for a replacement or elect to choose one of their provider units.

We made the decision to choose our own and elected to receive the check. After being told that we would receive the check in 7-10 days, no check ever arrived. This went on week after week. We then decided to choose a replacement from a website provided by the Sears Home Warranty provider. After carefully reviewing the various units we chose a refrigerator from the website. According to the pictures on the website store, the unit was black.

When the unit arrived it was black with a silver-colored door. We rejected the unit and again a whole new issue ensued. We told them to just send us a check and that we would purchase our own refrigerator. Their response was that since the unit had not been accepted and was returned there was a restocking fee that would be subtracted from the amount of the replacement check. The fee was astronomical! Something like 35-40% of the total price. When I explained why it had been rejected I was told that they were not responsible for the "exact description' of the unit. That is amazing to me! I could not believe they said that.

Ever since that time, I have made endless phone calls to them requesting a resolution. My experience is that there is almost no one at their call center that has the authority to make any kind of decisions other than what their work duty scripts call for. I was hung up on, passed from one rep to another, and to three different "department supervisors" that stated that a refund check would be mailed out and I would receive it in 7-10 days. Well, nothing! I gave up and stopped paying my membership for a service that was causing me more of a headache than the relief of knowing that my warranty services were an excellent investment and that we were safe in case we needed the service.

A few weeks ago, after thinking about it, I decided to call again and request a refund that I had been told we would be receiving in the mail weeks prior to me canceling our Sears service. I have contacted their warranty department several times since then. Nothing! I have even written emails to Sears Customer Service Department directly with no resolution. Can you please help? We paid good money for years to be treated this way by a reputable company like Sears. As evidenced by the customer service that I have received, it is no wonder that a pioneer U.S. company like Sears has lost so much in recent years.

  • Sep 14, 2020

Have a SEARS Home warranty.....don't expect to get anYthing fixed.....CINCH uses the SEARS name to perpetuate a scam against the consumer.....they refuse to provide service for broken items under thijr warranty program......items such as refridgerators are given repair dates 2 months away and if you complain they cancel the repair date and extend it out even further......they have no intention of repairing anything......and OPENLY ADMIT THAT THEY DON'T HAVE ANY SERVICE REPAIRMEN.......

they have the audacity to tell you......find a repairmen of your choice.....BUT BEFORE HE REPAIRS IT WE HAVE TO APPROVE IT .....OR we won't you pay a repairmen a $75.00 SERVICE CHARGE anmd if these SCAM ARTISTS say NO.....then YOU pay the SERVICE CHARGE and start could incur 3, 4 maybe 5 SERVICE FEES if the SCAM ARTISTS continiue to approve the repair.

THEY refuse to return calls or emails and when you call their 800 number sut back an get ready for the half dozen or so transfers and/or hang ups....THIS OUTFIT NEEDS BE CHARGED CRIMINALLY FOR FRAUD AND SUED IN CIVIL COURT......I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT A LAW FIRM HAS NOT INITIATED A CLASS ACTION SUIT

  • Jul 30, 2020

I have two hvac units and each is approximately 20 years old. One of the units was checked in the spring and a problem was found with an outside motor. That motor was replaced with an off brand and wires were sticking out of the unit exposed to weather. Then I called and asked for the tech to come back and make this right. I was told that he had decided to put in an aftermarket part which did not sync with the cooling fan and system in-place.

That repair person returned and did the repair with a part from the manufacturer. Now the cooling system will not work at all. I have tried to call Sears Warranty Service. My call is answered by someone whose headset is barely functioning and although this person appears to be in the U.S., complete words are slurred or dropped so that I cannot comprehend what she is telling me to do next. I finally tell her that I cannot understand and all of a sudden her articulation is clear.

I guess this person's comfort with her headset was more important than communicating with a customer. She told me someone would get back to me within 24 to 48 hours. It is hot where I live and I have no AC in the bedroom end of my house. No one called back.No supervisor called. She gave me no other number to call.

Service is absolutely not part of their warranty. I would say this is most likely the worst home warranty service a person could buy. As soon as I can extricate myself from this mess, I am going to do that and change to a more reliable and responsive service.

  • Apr 26, 2020


Starting Thursday Night, our 3 year old LG refrigerator decided to take a dump. No cooling in either Freezer or Refrigerator. First phone call was placed at 4:30pm Thursday Evening with a promise to be here on Friday. Friday Morning I called the company that was assigned to the service order. They were not coming out Friday and couldn't make it until Tuesday 4/28. I called back to Sears. Another service order was placed to another company with the promise of a service call on Saturday between 8 and 11.

At 11:30 Saturday, I called the Company that was supposed to be here. They told me they never received the order. Also, it sounded like the compressor and I would need a technician that worked on closed units and he did not do that. I called back to Sears again and explained that this was a serious issue! My husbands medication needed to be refrigerated and this has been a mess since I placed the original order on Thursday evening. This rep in turn, transferred me to the medical emergency department that is open Monday through Friday from 8 to 5pm.

That does a lot of good on a Saturday. I have had this warranty for 3 years, paying $69.00 a month to the total of $2400, for nothing. It is $75 for a service call, when they eventually show up and then it is only a percentage of the cost will be covered. I called LG directly and had a service on Sunday to be told, it is the compressor and coil, and it is $1200 to fix. There went my stimulus check. The refrigerator cost 2600.00 brand new 3 years ago.

  • Jun 21, 2018

Recently, I called Sears Home Warranty to fix a handle of my microwave. I had originally signed on with SHW based on a previous contact with Sears service who promised that SHW would cover this kind of thing.

The repairman sent for the repair recently ordered the handle and found a way it could be covered by the policy. He ordered the part and scheduled a second repairman to perform the fix. I was contacted the day before the arrival of the second by someone at Sears, who said that the repair is canceled because "the part is no longer available". I found out what the unavailable part number is, which I was told on the phone is WB15X10069; doing a search for this part online, it is everywhere on Amazon and indeed on Google.

SWH canceled the repair based on a complete bald-faced lie about the obsolescence of the part. When I enquired whether they would in fact replace the microwave, I was told no: this part is not covered because it is "structural and not mechanical". That too is a lie, since the handle is part of a moving assembly that opens the door of the microwave.

This is a home insurance company that costs roughly double of some other companies. Customer service is utter garbage, built on mendacity and customer exploitation.

  • Jun 5, 2018

To keep this relatively short I won't go into a long description of the painful experiences our family has had with this company or the many hours spent on the telephone with what could be laughably called their "customer service" line. Issues we've experienced include:

* Don't show up for scheduled appointments - even if you can get them properly scheduled to begin with (good luck!)

* Cancels service calls without notifying customer (me) who is waiting at home for 3-4 hours for them to show up

* Their customer service telephone number has terrible sound quality - often can't hear them

* They regularly hang up on you so that you have to call back and, hopefully, get another customer service agent

* Worst of all, they make it VERY difficult to cancel the service contract, you are forced to do it over the telephone, you will get transferred at least 3 times in the process and then you get hanged up on before completing the process so that you have to start over...I really think this is a deliberate strategy on their part.

  • May 2, 2018

I purchased a Sears Home Warranty but Cross County Homes services aka Homesure of America (also HNS Natioanl). I have dealt with them for three years. Each year gets worse! We have been in our home 25 years and thought it would take the stress of having an untimely repair away. NOT!

The current problem is with my cook top. I called on April 8 2018 and today is May 3 2018 my cook top stil DOES NOT work. They have offered to replace it but want to give me HALF of what it will cost to replace it.

After several BAD experiences with this company I have finally learned. Home Warranty Services are a RIP OFF and I think illegal. I understand the contract releaves them of any responsibility but sure looks like false advertisement. This company says they won a Gold award for customer service. That has to be WORNG and false. I believe the reviews on their website are fraudulant. If you check you will find a lot of complaints and VERY BAD reviews on other site. I thought this was against the law also.

Because I have had to make so many phone calls to try and solve my problem, I finally realize that they are training the customer service people to be polite while they do nothing to solve your issues. First I realize they only have inferior service vendors. I have asked several repair companies why they are not on the vendor list and the answer is always the same, they do not have time to deal with them. I will never have another Home Warranty Plan. Please do not waste your money. It is definatley not worth the money and certainly not work the stress. Last year I got so upset after several repairs being made to our AC unit, and each time they would say it was a different problem so I had to pay ANOTHER deductable, I called someone a friend knew and they fixed it on the first trip (had to pay them because they won't deal with these Warranty Companies).

There are MANY problems with these warranty companies, bad vendors, bad customer service and not worth the cost. Every repair tech that has come tells me they are ALL horrible. How is it LEGAL. To lie, false advertise, post falsh reviews and I believe train employees to deny request. SOMEONE should stop this. Class Action Law Suit, contact the media, WHAT CAN BE DONE?

I have only dealt with the Home Warranty Companies list but what I am finding with research is AWFUL.,

PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON SEARS HOME WARRANTY (aka Cross County Home Service/Homesure of America/HNS National).

  • Apr 28, 2018

After contacting SEARS to see if I could have a tech come out and look at our broken fridge I get convinced into signing up for this "Home Warranty Service" that would reduce the cost of the visit and protect all of my other appliances in the future. I really just wanted a one-time repaid however, convinced it was a great deal, I decided to do it.

The repair tech showed up two days later and said no problem, he can fix it.

The fridge was cooling when he left and we were told all is good so we went out and purchased groceries for the fridge and freezer. After waking up the next day to an again broken fridge and now freezer full of defrosted items (a lot of which ended up in the trash or our dog) we decided to contact SEARS again.

Only this time we had to wait almost 2 weeks for the tech to show up!

To be expected I guess right, they already have our money and our name on a contract, their work is done. Having little choice, we wait the 12 days for the next tech.

The tech comes out, he too cant fix it and says that another tech will be here the following day to do more diagnostics.

The next day comes, no tech. Sears tells me that he called in sick and we now need to wait SIX MORE days for another opportunity to get it repaired!!! If a tech calls in sick on our service day, would we not be at the front of the line for the next tech?

This now makes a grand total of TWENTY days for what would surely be another line in the sand!

I requested that they cancel my "Home Warranty Service" immediately and refund my money for the "services" NOT rendered.

The woman on the phone now assures me that they WILL take me to court for any fees they deem to be outstanding so basically they are now threatening ME for their terrible service.

I have never reviewed a company before but am so frustrated now that I feel I must do some thing.

If you are reading this, do not sign up for this "service"!

  • Dec 8, 2017

Approx.September 25, 2017, our fridge/freezer broke.

I tried to call local techs but couldn't get anyone so I broke down and called Sears. They convinced me to buy a Home Warranty. I've heard good things about home warranties and though, "why not". Biggest mistake of my life.

7 service calls, 10 1/2 weeks, cancellation and no shows by tech and still no fridge. Made it through Thanksgiving without one, and refuse to do Christmas without one. They explained that "I should be eligible for a voucher on the next call." That's their explanation after 10 1/2 weeks and still no working fridge. Well, we gave up that voucher and went and bought a fridge at Best Buy. This is a disgrace.

Why they can get away with this is beyond me.

I will never shop at Sears again.

I want this warranty cancelled and a refund of the 3 months of premiums you've gotten for absolutely nothing but aggravation. They don't help, their technicians don't help, their customer service does absolutely nothing.

Save your money and go elsewhere.

  • Aug 18, 2017

Did not cover anything I submitted a claim for. Was told I would be refunded and received an email that after review no refund would bee issued.

Filed claim on 06/12 for septic repair. THey have no one in the area to do this work, sent plumber. Plmber says they do not work on septic. Situation became emergency. Called local comapny and was told by Sears no refund because I didn't get prior authorization.

Had AC problem was told that issue is not covered.

Was told can cancel no questions asked at anytime. Called today to cancel and was told if I cancel before December a large fee is due.

  • Aug 10, 2017

On May 2015, I enrolled in the Sears Home Warranty insurance policy as the recommendation from technicians from Sears. I thought it was a good idea because after a year and a half, the refrigerator broke.

In July 2013 had purchased a new Kenmore Elite refrigerator at Sears in Burbank, CA. In May of 2015, Sears technicians came out several times to repair then replace the compressors twice. It works well for two years.

On June 30, 2017 I placed a claim with the insurance company after I noticed the refrigerator was warm; all food in the freezer had thawed and had to be discarded. The insurance company assigned AF Services in Canoga Park, CA to check out the refrigerator.

On July 4, 2017 they made a service call, stating the compressor needed to be replaced. Parts were ordered and they returned on July 21, 2017 at 1 p.m. to replace another compressor. The refrigerator got cold for about day.

On Sunday July 23, 2017, I had to call the insurance company to state that that was the third compressor in two years and according to their policy, they should replace the refrigerator. I was told that an insurance case manager would contact me within three business hours.

On Monday July 24, 2017 I called AF Services to schedule another appointment since I did not receive a call back. I reminded them that this claim was tagged “a medical emergency” due to the need for diabetic medication to be refrigerated appropriately. Anthony at AF Services stated that they had other emergencies and the soonest a repairman could come out was Friday, July 28 between 12 and 4 pm. He would call me back in 30 minutes to confirm but never did.

On Tuesday, July 25, 2017 I called the insurance company to inform them that AF Services didn’t call back and this situation was a tremendous hardship for my family between health issues as well as triple digit weather conditions. I finally heard from Anthony at AF Services that day.

In the meantime, serious mold started growing in the refrigerator because I couldn’t physically move the refrigerator to unplug it and my husband was too sick to help me. I had to keep the refrigerator closed so we would not breathe in mold spores.

On Friday July 28 I waited from 12 to 4 and heard from no one. I called AF Services again at 4 pm to ask if the repairman was coming. They contacted him and he showed up at 4:30 only to tell me that he couldn’t fix it. The company would let me know the next steps. He unplugged the refrigerator for me and I had to clean out mold throughout the refrigerator and freezer so I could keep the doors open. I developed a sore throat and cough from that episode. My husband got even sicker with bronchitis and a sinus infection, and had to seek medical assistance. I’m not sure if the mold helped make us sicker or not.

On July 31, 2017, I called the insurance company again because AF Services didn’t call with another appointment and wouldn’t answer the phone. The insurance company arranged for A+ Services to come out for another assessment.

On August 3, 2017, A+ Appliances technician from Glendale, CA came out to assess the situation, telling me that the insurance company would be in contact me in a few days. That company was the same company that replaced the compressor two times in 2015.

I later I heard from AF Services, informing me that they were coming out on August 7, 2017 at 8 a.m. to repair the refrigerator. I got no information from A+ Appliances to date on their assessment results.

On August 7, 2017 AF Services called at noon to cancel and reschedule the appointment for August 9, 2017 between 12 and 4 pm. I called the insurance company about not having a working refrigerator for almost a month and a half. I stressed that I have been patient with having technicians from two service companies come to my home a number of times but have been unable to fix the refrigerator. They are not living up to their contract agreement to repair or replace the appliance which I pay $39.99 per month in premiums.

I would appreciate if you can investigate this dilemma so I can determine the next steps to take for resolution.

  • Aug 9, 2017

Back in march '17 I took out a Sears Home Warrentee plan to cover Laundry & Kitchen Alliances, @ a cost of $50/month + taxes. Come this past June my Refrigerator started to leak water from the ice cube maker and cold water dispenser mechanism. I called Sears warrentee service and was told that they were very busy and would have to farm it out to an other repair service, Appliance Plus. The next day a man from Appliance Plus showed up and immediately asked to use my toilet. He then charged me $75 and to look at the refrigerator. afterwards he advised he would return in 3 or 4 day with a new part. A week later after not hearing from him or Appliance Plus I called Sears Repair service back to complain that my Refrigerator was still leaking and Appliance Plus hasn't even had the decency to call me back ,

they advised that they would call them, I was put on hold and when Sears got back on thge phone I was told that Appliance Plus was at that very moment trying to call me, so I hung up to wait for the Appliuance Plus call, I waited a other whole week for this promissed call and then Called Sears back again I was promissed a call from Appliance Plus. This time they called and advised they would be their the next day. When the same repair man as the first time showed up the first thing he said was, can I use you toilet, At least he's consistenent . He then again looked at the same refrigerator and said he would have to get a part. He didn't bring the part he was supposed to bring from last time . I woundered if he comes back a 3rd time will he again have to use my toilet ?

The next day Appliance Plus called and said they would need to replace the internal water tank and it will cast $80.00 because its not covered. They went on to say I should look in section 2.1 of the contract where it say they don't cover the water tank. I checked the contract and it says no such thing. Sears Warrentee service is a useless rip off service. I advised them that I was cancelling their service because of their failure to perform. I also requested a full refund of what I already paid them.

  • Jun 9, 2017

I spent over 5 hours on multiple phone calls and lost a day and a half from work waiting for a technician that never came. Then they contracted a third party company who did promptly respond and gave an estimate to fix it (Clothes Washer).Sears refused to pay the cost to fix and refused to replace the washer. They said that the washer tub wasn't covered and everything else was damaged from the faulty tub so those repairs weren't covered either. Consequently, my many months of payments did not serve me in the slightest.

  • Apr 14, 2017

Do Not Purchase a Sears Home Warranty. You will regret it.

I called Sears to have them fix my dryer. After waiting about 1.5 weeks for an open appointment, a technician came to fix it. His estimate was about $500 to fix it. He suggested I buy a Sears Home Warranty and then the cost would be cut in half and the rest of my household appliances would be covered....after a 30 day waiting period. I signed up for it.

30 days later our 2.5 year old washer broke. I called to take advantage of my warranty! Again, after waiting about 1.5 weeks, they came out. Technician said he needed to get 2 circuit boards and ordered them to be delivered to our house. Another week goes by, and they arrive. Then I have to call for an appointment. A new technician comes and installs the parts. Still not fixed. He said it needs a new part. Orders it. After it arrived, a technician came back to install it. Still didn't work. A third technician comes out and says the wire harness needs to be replaced. After waiting another week, it comes. I get the technican to come out, he installed it and the machine worked! Well it worked for a few hours!! All of this took 6 visits and the machine is broken again.

I called to report it, and now they are coming back again to fix it. Oh, and they tell me I probably have been using the washer too much. WHAT? I have been washing clothes for about 45 years now. Since when do you have to limit how much you can wash, and especially, it only worked less than 24 hours! I didn't run the washer while I was sleeping!!

The contract says they will replace a comparable item after 4 attempts. Well, what they don't tell you is that after it is fixed and working. So those six visits count as ONE. So in theory this could go on for 4 more months, 24 more visits, and then they will consider replacing it and giving me up to $500. What a waste of time, money and frustration.

Don't make the same mistake I did. Don't buy the Sears Home Warranty. Now I am happy Sears is going out of business. They are getting what they deserve!

  • Feb 23, 2017

Searsterrible service - contract #95518680 service #00081541097221

I called sears home warranty service when our refrigerator freezer stop working and was sold warranty coverage for my home.

The call center person informed me that the fee was $49.99 plus $80 for a technician to come and diagnose the refrigerator.

These fees would be deducted from the total charge to repair our unit and was listed on an urgent or emergency call list.

I was also told a technician would come to my home in 3-4 days and was given an appointment.

Dave the technician came and diagnose the unit as a bad mother board and he and the sears call center scheduled the repair for 4 weeks in the future Remember we were scheduled on a emergency or urgent repair list)

Due to the scheduling problem, i asked both the sears call in center and the technician about food loss and reimbursement and was told by the call in center that the technician would have a form for me to complete and submit. Dave the technician said he did not have a form but i should submit my claim with an itemized list of food upto $400 to sears. Which as we all know i did.

Sears has offered lousy scheduling causing or contributing to our food loss and now is lying about what we were told.

I called the call center and was told to ask the technician when he comes back for a food claims form to be filed regarding loss of food.

I asked dave for the form and was told to send an itemized list with costs to sears home warranty and the company would pay upto $400 Lie or false information)

Sears call center did not inform me that the $49.99 would be automatically deducted from my checking account and 1 month later did charge the account for in my opinion lousy service and lies. I disputed the charge with my bank and the money was returned. The call center never asked my permission for automatic paperless bill and automatic withdrawl – mis-information or deceptive business practices)

A manager at the call center also told me that a $100 credit would be mailed or emailed to me for a refrigerator rental. As of this outscam filing i have not received anything.

I have emailed the florida location for sears home warranty and mailed 2 or 3 letters regarding the lies and lousy service.

Sears employees seem to not tell the truth when speaking to potential clients and or making promises that are not kept.

As of this date i also have not receive a bill for this home warranty service but have received a note stating there is a problem process my payment. Once again sears does not have permission to process payments against this service and i am seeking credit towards what i was told.

Please due proceed with this complaint.

  • Dec 28, 2016

I filed a claim via phone to have my microwave repaired at the begining of October 2016, a service man was sent out, he said he was going to order the part, I never heard back. The second week of November the dryer went out, I filed a claim for it, service man came out, I was told they would order the part still no return call or visit...I have called numerous times and am assured that a supervisor will return my call in 48 hours. Here I am end of December 2016---and both appliances still have not been repaired and no supervisor has ever called me back.

I am still being charged $55/mo for the warranty and yet they refuse to fulfill their end of the contract.

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