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Saratoga Potato Chip

Country United States
State Indiana
City Fort Wayne
Address 6923 Lincoln Pkwy
Phone 260-969-0066

Saratoga Potato Chip Reviews

  • Nov 22, 2021

The company Saratoga Potato Chips is the manufacturer of their brand as well as many store and private label brands of chips. Our family came aware of this after find something which appeared to be a small piece of glass in our chips. The company has had a history of issues with their chips which we were not aware of until recently. They had some chips which were manufactured for another grocery store, Kroger which had been mispackaged.

They were labeled Mesquite Barbecue and inside the chips contained Cheddar Cheese flavored chips. This is bad because some people can not consume dairy. They were issued a warning letter for this incident from the proper authorities. It is sad that they also hid the evidence of the contents we sent back to them. They claim the bag we sent to them was empty. We had videotaped the sending back of the item and still they claim the bag was empty.

They also refused to receive the video from us. We had bought many of their items. They did not refund us for all of them and they did not care that my wife chipped her tooth while biting into the glass chards. They also told BBB that they have a clean record of never having problems with items. Which is not true they have really bad ratings on google and they also have documented issues with their items all over the net.

They said they have been generous to us by offering a goodwill gesture to cover a single bag of chips. Sadly, the real issue os we wanted to know what was inside of the bag and will never know because they claim the bag was empty when it was not.

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