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  • Mar 15, 2017

What a disappointment. My Wife and I had saved for a while knowing we were going to retire and than take a GREAT trip to the Sandals resort in St Lucia. Using our hard earned savings we went ahead and booked a two week stay. Buyers beware. The resort is on the opposite end of the island. The resort sent a six person van to pick us up for an hour and 20 minute drive back. For us it was the ride from hell. The driver made only one two-minute stop to point out a fishing village about a mile away. We never were asked to exit the van which had a very poor air conditioning system. The driver said if he was quick enough he could go back to the airport and get a second group. In and out of our one lane, fast than slow, stop and go, it was like a never ending roller coaster ride. I can not explain how sick I got half way to the resort. The only concern the driver offered was to allow me to move from the hot back of the van to the front passenger seat.

When we finally arrived I simply could not get myself out of that seat. I had to just sit there to gather enough where-with-all to exit the van. I was surprised he approached me for a tip. Well we made the best of it and decided the fun now begins.

Our room was booked for a view of the ocean. Our sliding glass door, which was broken, afforded us a view that was as least sixty percent blocked with over growth. The view from our ground level room where we tried to see the ocean revealed a barren stretch of empty water. And that was beyond the resort fence, highway, and rocky shore line. Well forget that, it's now time to have fun. Forget the light that did not work or the mattress that was hard and stained. You know all those FIVE-STAR restaurants that a guest can expect to enjoy while at the resort well ya better be sure to get in line as soon as you get out of the van because it's reservations only. There are only limited reservations and if you snooze you loose. Funny how there remained many empty tables when we dined. Oh and if you wanted to visit ALL the restaurants you had to book at two other Sandals resorts because that's the only way to see them all. If you would like to enjoy wine from the wine list THAT'S EXTRA!! You get the invoice the next day under your door. The pulled pork meal at the pool side snack bar is chewy one inch cubes of meat. Not sure they understand the phrase "pulled pork".

Off to the beach we would go only to be swarmed be venders who would not take "No!" for an answer. So we had to remain on the resort property where the free liquor flowed like water. Speaking of water I went home with a massive infection across my back from the hot tub I ventured into three days before leaving. Before departing the resort I made a visit to the medical services office. The nurse treated me with something on my back and advised that I see a dermatologist as soon as I get back home. But I'm getting ahead of myself. On the night cherry bombs went off outside out ocean view glass doors. I jumped out of bed to make sure our door was secure. Silly me it was only drunk guest above our room setting them off and dropping them in the grass. It's funny how the law is different in different countries. The clerk at the front desk informed us that in St Lucia all explosives are indeed explosives and that's against the law. We were informed that later on the unruly guest were escorted to the island jail which also serves as the island prison. That night also offered another grand event for guest to talk about the next morning. And I am not kidding. Some guy got shot, yes I mean with a gun, on the beach just outside the resort. Either the guy who got shot was in a high ranking government car or the guy who did the shooting was in a high ranking government boat, I can't remember which. A few days later an all night party at the other side of the resort, where a world class volley-ball event was taking place, the promoters made good use of a VERY large amplifier system. Swimming and wading in the pools was great. It had to be because that's all there was to do. Well that and drinking all the free booze one could get and hold down. One poor girl could not hold it down and alas the main pool had to be closed for twenty four hours. It did occur to us that the pool was full of guest who drank to their hearts content but never seemed to leave for a nature call. I am a little on the heavy side but not as heavy as the poor folks who broke through the two rotted wooden deck recliner seats we encountered. Now for the LIVE entertainment. If one man shows with a guitar amplifier like the one I used in high school is your cup of tea you will be in show time heaven. After a week of laying around the pool we came to realized we were sort of in a prison, nothing to do and nowhere to go. So we called a cab and were off to visit the local community. Enough said there, caught a cab back. Our two week stayed ended with us paying for a private cab ride back to the airport. Five-star resort my @**!

Kenny and Christine

  • Nov 4, 2016

Sandals Resorts Barbados - Ferry Zievinger - Unique Vacations absolutely ruined our 20 year anniversary (which only comes once) We live in Florida and had originally booked closest resort to us which was Sandals Royal Bahamian (Bahamas) As it was our 20 year anniversary I purchased the most expensive suite they had "Oceanfront Penthouse One Bedroom Butler Royal Suite – PWS Located on the top floor of the Royal Windsor Tower, these penthouse Love Nest Suites® showcase stunning ocean views from a private balcony" costing us $2650 without airfare

Well over a month after my booking (including my flights) I received an email from Sandals stating that there was an urgent matter. When I called Sandals Resorts toll free number they informed me that they had to close their Bahamas resort for two months and that I had to pick a new place to go. My easy one hour flight to the Sandals Bahamas now became a four hour flight to Sandals Barbados.

They promised us top floor and ocean view and we got 4th floor with view of trees and construction workers!

They promised us an additional voucher for two free nights good for up to one year of which we never received. We had to change planes in Miami and my wife's luggage never made it on the next plane so when we arrived in Barbados my wife had no makeup, no swim suit, and no clothes for dinner. It was an absolute nightmare.

My wife’s luggage did not arrive until after midnight and our entire first day and night was ruined. My wife was crying her eyes out. Then when I asked to extend a night to make up for first days misery they said they were fully booked and no rooms were available for an additional nights stay which was a lie. Now I know that Sandals does not control the airlines mistakes but bottom line if Sandals Bahamas had not closed and had they not changed us to Barbados none of this would have occurred.

When we got home I contacted every possible person with Sandals organization from top to bottom management. Such as Tammy Gonzalez = VP of Brand, Marketing & Partnerships for Sandals Resorts [email protected] - Adam Stewart - CEO of Sandals Resorts [email protected] & [email protected] and lastly Ferry Zievinger - General Manager of Barbados [email protected] who finally responded after almost 2 weeks to be told that they are sorry but offered no compensation.

Fernand (Ferry) Zievinger should not be a manager. He should not be in hospitality/customer service industry period. He should stick to photography. Ferry had the nerve to say that the horrible 4th floor room with no view was actually more expensive than the one I paid for in the Bahamas.

So per Ferry - if you pay for "top floor ocean front view" Sandals can give you 4th floor with view of trees and construction workers! BAIT & SWITCH!

Sandals owes us what we paid for "4days/3 nights ocean front on top floor!" I will be contacting my credit card company to dispute. We expect full refund!

If you want the worst customer service that I have ever experienced then Sandals Resorts is for you.

This is just one of many reviews that will continue to spread the word about our nightmare until something is resolved.

  • Sep 5, 2016

My vacation with Sandals was absolutely horrible! From 2 weeks before we left til the time we left early, there were so many mistakes and problems. I only wish to discuss the major issue at hand. Me and my wife was spending our 2nd Anniversary at the Sandals Grand Antigua resort. We have spent our last 3 vacations at a Sandals resort and we have absolutely loved it! But this one was very different. And very SCARY! On our third night at the property, at approximately 12:30am my wife whispered into my ear "this man is being very rude and making vulgar comments to me." I looked at this middle aged man and decided he was drunk and rude, but not dangerous. About 20 minutes goes by, and I am outside having a cigarette. My wife texts me frantically saying "Please hurry back, his man is being super aggressive. I have a bartender standing with me until you get Back." Upon my return, I asked what happened, she said, "he asked if we were 'open' and that I should come to his room, because I would do amazing things to you.

Your husband doesn't deserve you, I like to come to couples resorts and sleep with married women, whose husbands don't screw them good. Totally out of line, sexually charged, vulgar statements. I tell the bartender thank you, and inform him to keep an eye on this gentleman. I then walk over to a couple that we had made friends with.

While my back is turned, the man walks up behind my wife and says, " I are trying to screw a black man tonight." I grab her hand and immediately return to the bar to inform the employees that this man is harassing my wife and she doesn't feel safe anymore. They write it down and promise to report to security. About 10 minutes later my wife needs to use the restroom. I tell her to walk directly to the bathroom and right back to me. No stopping, and go quickly. About 30 seconds after she leaves, I see this creep walking towards the bathrooms. I quickly follow. As I walk through the hallway, I see him walk directly into the women's bathroom! I run, full sprint after him! He is in the bathroom, with the door shut behind him by the time I get there. I throw the door open, yell at him and drag him out of the bathroom by his shirt. I get him back into the bar and tackle him to the ground. The employees pull me off and separate us. I continue to yell that he was stalking the women's bathroom. He was quietly standing in front of the stall my wife was in, waiting for her to come out.

I am LIVID! The man smiles and makes rude gestures and comments toward my wife. He then leaves the bar before security could arrive. No one knew this man or his name. He was not with a significant other or anyone else for that matter. He is a single man creeping around a couples only resort. The following day I speak with the General Manager of the property, Mr. G. I tell him that he needs to find this man, before something happens. Before he attempts this with another female. He promises me that they will investigate and review the security footage. All day goes by and still no word on the matter. At 9pm the next night, me and my wife are walking to dinner. We pass a group of 3 people and I recognize that one of them is the man from the night before. I immediately turn around and he looks at us and yells for everyone to hear "That's the b* who was f*g 3 black men in the bathroom!" I quickly advance toward him and his male friend and him surround me. I step back and yell for help. A groundskeeper walks over and I tell him what's happening. All the while, this man is cussing my wife, repeating the same racist statements and laughing. We walk quickly to the front desk and ask for security. When they arrive, they take me and my wife into a back room and let this creep continue on to dinner. They wouldn't stop him, or detain him. They acted like we were the ones causing the trouble. I lose my temper and storm out of the room to look for this guy. Security comes after me and makes me go to my room.

It's obvious to me now that they have no intention on doing anything. It's been almost 24 hours and this predator is still roaming the resort drinking and having a blast. While in my room I contact the Antiguan police. After 45 minutes they arrive on property in street clothes with no official identification. I really question if they were actual police officers. They ask me vague questions, and then leave. No investigation, no looking for the other man, NOTHING! He is now probably drunk and harassing another married woman. Me and my wife stay in our room and a security officer is posted at our door and was instructed not to let us out onto property! We are essentially confined to our rooms! They do not want us to inform other guests of the situation. But, we have already talked to 8 different witnesses from the night before, that have cooberated our story. The following morning we tell the GM that we want a flight out of Antigua immediately. We do not feel safe at this resort. All the while a security guard is stationed at our door with instructions not to let us out into the resort.

The police never returned to conduct an investigation, like they said they would. The GM then bring us a paper to refund us our money. It is a waiver that releases Sandals from all wrongdoing and a confidentiality agreement that states we cannot speak of what has happened. I refuse to sign it and he will not refund us our money. We spent over $5,000.00 dollars on this vacation, not to mention tips, and other costs associated with our trip. All they cared about was shutting us up and not disturbing other guests. This creep is still roaming the resort and we are now back in the US, feeling violated and ripped off. We will not be hushed. People need to know that we were treated as though it was our fault. My wife was very nearly SEXUALLY ASSAULtED at this resort! If I had not seen him go into the bathroom, he could have raped or murdered her! Please, do not give Sandals your money, and do not risk your well being. They will not protect you.

  • Dec 4, 2015

Sandals is absolutely terrific at advertising its many Caribbean resorts through endless television commercials and print advertisements. Execution and providing true high quality is quite another matter. During our stay at their flagship Montego Bay property we experienced: no hot water for the first few days that caused my wife to go to the spa facility for a hot shower one evening, and loss of the main room air conditioner for the last few days. For the latter, maintenance people came five times.

For our high end suite on the beach there were no advertised robes and slippers. Some evenings there was turn down service, but not others. Food was perhaps the biggest disappointment. Do not expect high quality cheeses on the breakfast buffet, nor quality steaks, nor tasty roast beef, nor big size shrimps. Both the breakfast and lunch buffets were far below the quality experienced at other all inclusive resorts in Jamaica. Salads were disappointing. The dinners in the specialty restaurants both at this resort and the other nearby Sandals were unremarkable, fair but not great meals you might associate with a four or five star resort.

The highly recommended cashew chicken dinner at the Thai restaurant did not have even one cashew. On the plus side, however, the alcoholic beverages in the room and at the bars and restaurants were good, and all the hotel workers were friendly and helpful. The two gems, foodwise, were the pizza option in the beach area eatery and the café in the main building offering many ice creams and pastries, cookies and drinks. We were also disappointed in the much advertised butler service and were annoyed that we were expected to tip the butlers, even though some types of rooms came with the butler service automatically.

There were a great many return guests like us who did not seem to be bothered by the various shortcomings we experienced. Our previous Sandals experiences were more positive. Based on many conversations, the answer appears that Sandals attracts a lot of people who have not traveled extensively, especially to luxury resorts. In other words, most customers seem to have either low expectations or no basis for judging quality or the absence of it. All that expensive advertising seems to work, but Sandals has chosen not to spend more money on higher quality food. Best to think of Sandals as the McDonald’s of Caribbean resorts. Lastly, this resort sits right next to the airport runway and the sound of jets taking off is horrendous; there is also major construction going on with its own noise. After making a reservation be prepared for repeated annoying emails and phone calls trying to sell you extras.

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