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San Jacinto Healthcare

Country United States
State California
City Hemet
Address 275 N San Jacinto St
Phone 1 951-658-9441

San Jacinto Healthcare Reviews

  • May 12, 2019

The focus is money not your health! Do an internet search of this facility before entering! They offer poor services. They rip off your clothes! Dentures! Medical equipment and more! They also prevent you from seeing any doctor that you prefer.

I was forced to see 'their' dentist though I did not want to be seen by him. My clothes were STOLEN from me! I came back after going to the hospital for a few days and they could not find my brand new clothes which had my NAME on them. My dentures were missing which I had to pay for out of my own pocket.

They OFTEN overcrowd a room to maximize profits. They would not allow me to go to the emergency room though I had a doctor who ordered that I go to the emergency room! Medical services were withheld from me until I was so sick I wound up going to the ICU!! The food is FOUL! There is no nourishment and often they serve things such as rice with potatoes.

Meat has gristle or is overcooked hamburger. It is rare when there is something put on a plate that is edible. Social Services yelled at me for asking about my missing items!!! I had done nothing except enter the room and simply say I was sent there. They are often short on staff.

They retaliate against the residents who are simply old, disabled, and unable to care for themselves. How does that work? This place is horrible! I have known others besides myself who have not had their commode changed for hours, or have to sit in their dirty diapers for hours (6+ or more!).

I witnessed more than one resident who was taken out by ambulance on many occasions. Go elsewhere or risk your health.

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