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Salvage King

Country United States
State Florida
City Delray Beach
Address 2905 S Congress Ave,
Phone 1 (561) 639-3484

Salvage King Reviews

  • Jun 7, 2021


On March 24, 2021, I transferred Eight Thousand, Seven Hundred, and Twenty US dollars ($8,720) to the Salvage King, an auto dealership in salvage cars in respect of payment of 2017 Toyota RAF4 (Salvage). The details are as follows:





On their website,, there is an option to transact and buy the car via WhatsApp number, +1 561-639-3484 with one Eric, a Sales Person. When we agreed on the price of the car, the Salvage King issued an invoice including details of their bankers to transfer the fund to the salvage king. I then used ASIMALEX Company Limited, a company I have a financial interest and transferred the fund to the Salvage king’s account at Branch Banking and Trust Company in the US. The Salvage king subsequently acknowledged receipt of the funds and issued a receipt.

Subsequently, I realized that on their website the car had been marked ‘Reserved) to indicate that they have closed business on that salvage car.


After the payment, I inquired from Eric, the Sales Rep from the salvage king to know when would it be towed to the port for shipping but he indicated that the rest of the business is not in his hands – He then referred me to the shipping unit at Salvage King with the following WhatsApp number +1 786-505-0795.

Following up on this, I chatted with a lady with the shipping unit which she gave me specific conditions to follow i.e.: She told me to allow 5 days for delivery from the warehouse to the port and additional 3 weeks for customs clearance (about one month waiting period). She indicated that after that a dock receipt and bill of laden would be issued to me to track the car on the ship to Tema, Ghana. I was also advised not to call or send a message every day asking for the status of the car until the waiting period had elapsed. Definitely, I followed that advice and after one month period, I sent a message asking for the status of the car and she replied to the message that the car was at the port and she will give me a dock receipt: however that was the last time she came online –she never replies to any of my messages again.

I was shocked to realize that no one from salvage king is ready to respond to any of my messages again, so I decided to do Whatsapp and telephone calls, but there is no response. Also, I used their email address, [email protected] as alternate means to reach them but there are no responses. I have done all within my means to reach them but to no avail. It is worthy to know that from March 24, 2021, to June 1 2021 is more than two months and I do not have even a dock receipt of the car.

I think that they have done the settings on their Whatsapp phone in such a way that they may read my messages without me being detected i.e the double ticking on the Whatsapp sent messages never turn blue as if they have not been read.

I tried another method to pretend as if I wanted to buy another car from them but they realized it and decided not to respond. However, my phone automatically downloaded certain information which may be useful to you i.e. Alex Rudsky, Salvage King ([email protected]).

The following is their Mailing Address:

Salvage King

2905 S Congress Ave

Delray Beach, FL 33445-7337

Please kindly, help me to apprehend them if they are not genuine people as I am frustrated and the car is supposed to be given to my brother.

After the waiting period, all that information I needed from the Salvage King was to reassure me that they are on course as I know that perhaps the COVID 19 pandemic has caused a significant delay in doing business.

Thank you.

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