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Saint Germain Catering

Country United States
State Virginia
City Vienna
Address 8455 K Tyco Rd
Phone 1-703-506-9396

Saint Germain Catering Reviews

  • May 4, 2017

Take heed of the mentally unstable business women running a disorganized and shady catering business in Virginia! A revolving door of sales staff, terminated at a moment's notice verbally berated by the owner. Beginning a marketing relationship with a overly zealous business owner with lots of money and time on her hands sounds appealing. Until the mask comes off and what begins as a willingness to revamp a business lacking in creativity turns into a dysfunctional psychopathic intrusion into your personal life.

This business owner will sign contracts and give approval for goods/services to be provided and completed per contract terms, and if your complete devotion is not also provided, a quick termination of all business agreements and forfeit of all payments rendered. Said owner used chargeback protection via her corporate credit card accounts to dispute payments for over $30,000 of services and goods purchased, completed and used to this day by her company. Refusal to pay for work over a 6 month period of time has left one agency filing larceny charges and lawsuits pending credit card investigations into her fraud.

Let this be a warning to whomever may cross this woman's path as a employee, agency or business - stay clear, do not get involved in any regard. She will not pay for work completed and her deranged unstable personality will keep you looking over your shoulder!

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