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Country United States
State Illinois
City Joliet
Address 2108 Mcdonough Street
Phone 866-606-3991
Website Reviews

  • Sep 16, 2021

5/1/20 I placed a order for two spin bikes. 5/18/20 they said they forgot to ship they will ship ,should arrive 5/21/20 . I never recieved item but on 6/2/20 a trucking company said they will not deliver because badly damaged (O S and D )orverages shortages and damage claim the trucking company said they filed . I recieved no paper work and signed nothing. Several calls to Great Sports , Its like talking to a bunch of kids , put on hold for long periods ,person handling it not in ,forgot to process refund ,were many of there responses .

I had to ask are you sending me a replacement or are you fixing what was the damage and resending ??? They said they are all out and already sold my two and arent getting anymore. When i recieved my credit card statement Great Sports charged me $558.98 for restocking fees I did not send the bikes back I never saw them .That was the trucking company. I really have no idea if it was the bikes were ever shipped , i think it was just a box of parts .

After telling my situtation to my credid card company they reversed the charges then the sided with Great Sports and im out over $600.00 because they charged me intrest wile i was arbutrating . I you plan on buying from thies kids they are very good at delays , excuses and deception Telling you everything you want to here before the sale is made .

  • Sep 12, 2021

On 9/10/20 I ordered TaoTao 125 cc dirt bike recived the invoice right after that same night, they said i would recived another invoice when item ships they did, 9/18/20 but this invoice had a Apollo 110cc dirt bike!!!

I responded whithin 10 hours and they argude whith me and said that i had ordered it! I did not order a 110 cc dirt bike I ordered a 125cc taotao dirt bike. Some how they have convinced my credit card company that they sent me the item but to this day i have not recived anything !

  • Oct 28, 2020

Order a electric bike e500 in beginning Sept. Finally shipped not from Illinois but China. Definitely a reseller. Get the bike with a stain on seat, wrong connection part to charge it and a crack in the body. Took me many calls and messages to finally get Jon the parts manager on the phone. He tell me call him on two week and remind him said I wouldn't thanks God he remembered. Get also a new battery since the other one melted and blew up.

Now get a new battery charge it for 7 hours and finally rode it and it died in less than a hr was so fed up left that garbage Saferwholesale Safer Wholesale sold to me. Beware Fraud Cheats Nasty Will dispute the garbage 1200 spent. My friend spent less 1000 and he had no issues elsewhere. Buy locally, ps sticker on bike says 1987 when I bought new. Hope you guys go to jail.

  • May 21, 2018

This is by far the worst i've ever been treated by a company in my life. I worked in customer service and sales for several years and if 1 person would have treated customers the way safer wholesale/great sports does they would have been fired in the spot!!! it all started when i placed my order online and chose 2 color options. I was contacted 10 days later only to be told neither one was in stock, they had no idea if or when the 2 colors i chose would be in stock and told me to choose a different color. I liked the scooter so much i chose a different color and just let it be. Not like i had a choice anyway bc i was told all sales are final and they couldn't refund my money at this point anyway. That was the first red flag.

Then a few weeks later when the scooter arrived it had no battery. Had to create a ticket and have them send a battery. It took over a week and the man i spoke with offered no apologies for the mistake and just blamed it on the manufacturer. Then when i finally received the battery i hook it up and find out that the radio/mp3/bluetooth unit didn't work. This was the entire reason i chose this particular scooter! i contacted the parts department again and was told the manufacturer didn't have the part in stock. That was it, that was the end of the email! no apology, no solutions offered, just a "no, they don't have the part". I was livid at this point! sent another email telling them that i didn't get what i paid for and i expected them to find the part and ship it to me. The response was "china will order the part, but it doesn't happen in 5 minutes". Nice customer service, real nice! i responded and said thank you and please let me know if anything changes. I was told to check back weekly to see what the status is.

I emailed a week later to check in and was told he would check on it. Never heard back from him and it's a week later. Now it's been 2 weeks and i doubt i'll ever get the part. I can't even order it myself bc no one carries it! the kicker...I submitted an mso request online via their automatic title request form. I did this the day i received it. Entered my vin # and all the pertinent information. I was told the title would take 3-4 weeks to arrive. It's been over 5 weeks and still nothing. I emailed and called 4 times and no one will respond! i contacted them once again today and was told my title would be sent out friday...It's tuesday! by the time i get it If it ever comes) it will have been over 6 weeks! i can't legally drive the scooter i paid 2k for on the road bc i can't get plates without a title! i have no faith that this company will ever resolve my issues and it looks like i'm out 2k and they could care less!!!

Please stay away from this company if you don't want to be ripped off! i can't believe they're still in business when they treat their customers this way and continue to let horrible customer service reps and parts staff work there. I will be sharing this review with every review site i can find, including the bbb and yscam. I will continue to hound them until i get what i paid for. I will continue to tell everyone i know not to do business with these people...Ever!!!!

  • Nov 17, 2017

Hello Sold a bad dirt bike , that just won't quit. This thing won't start it caught on fire tring to start it. It's like a car won't move or start or drive. This thing is not start won't starting the car. I have had this problem since day one. Please contact me to hear what is happening. This is what this is on the air prescribed on Safer This is a very real problem on Safer Wholesale. PLEASE CALL ME.# THANK YOU.

  • Nov 4, 2017

I ordered a brand new Vader Scooter. The scooter came partially assembled, which the salesman never told me I had to assemble anything. The engine is leaking oil with a cracked crankcase and leaked inside the box and all over the scooter.

I called Safer Wholesale and asked for a new, undamaged scooter. They responded that it was not their responsibility. I feel that I should not have to pay for an item that is not useable. I now have a damged scooter that I cannot use. This was a gift for my son.

  • Oct 27, 2017

We purchased a Unit from this company. they collected TOTAL cost of unit prior to even having a shipping time frame. the unit took 4 extra weeks to get to us. Upon arrival it was in a crate and needed to be COMPLETELY put together. There was no instructions, and when putting together parts were missing. Sent photos, took several days for any one to return phone calls, or emails. Then they stated they needed MORE photos. they have a 30 day warranty period on an item that the comsumer has to FULLY put together. Unit never has ran. We have spent hundreds of dollars on a mechanic, they have sent several parts to out mechanic and still NOTHING. They are denying any return, and if they would accept it they would change a restocking fee. A RESTOCKING FEE?????? On a defective Unit????? We have title the unit and spent money, which was not told to us upon purchasing, they state they take care of title. FALSE, FALSE, FALSE!!!!!!

This was a gift for our grandchild and it has been nothing but a nightmare from this company.


  • Oct 25, 2017

My father ordered a tricyle from this company in July 2017. He was terminally ill and on medications that often altered his mental status, as did his dsease process. My mother received a letter from the United Parcel Service indicating that they werew not able to schedule a delivery time, due to an incorrect phone number beiing provided in the order.

Unfortunately this occurred due to my father's error because of his confusion. My mother contacted the comapny immediately and advised that my father had since passed away. She explained the unusual circumstance, and requested a refund. Her request was denied she is being charged over $500 for restocking and shipping fees. My parents were charged $1409.95, and she is now receiving only $892.42. This company charges 15-20 % restocking fee, and insist they cannot adjust that fee. I know this is indeed false information as they adjusted the restocking fee from their customary 20 % to 15 %.

I was also advised if I called at the beginning of thir business day I would be able to speak to the owner, Gary. Upon calling, I was transferred to a Jerry, wwho is handling this account, he proceeded to advise that I cannot speak to the owner, he is rarely there and doesn't have voice mail. This is clearly poor business practice, and does NOT have the consumers best interest in mind.

My father is dead, my mother, his wife of 52 years, is grieving and a vistim of deplorable business practice by this company. She is willing to forego the shipping costs that is reasonable, but to not be afforded a reasonable restocking fee is disgusting. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

  • Jul 27, 2017

I purchased the trike on the internet from saferwholesalers. I took several months to ship ordered in Jauary of 2017. Bike arrived rode it one time and the censor was bad on the speedometer, they replaced it but there is no local rep that could put part on it cost me 103.00 to have it installed.

The batter died two days later, they do not cover batteries so I purchsed a new battery installed and it worked for a few days.

The bike will not keep running and when you ride when it gets warm it starts to buck and choke.

I contacted them and they shipped me a new carburator.The ball on the back that you can tow with fell off.

Now I have a dead battery AGAIN. Called them they have really nasty customer service dept.

Talked to them yesterday and they said go have the battery tested it's a brand new battery.

This has been the worst purchase I can remember ever.

I asked them to replace the bike and they are a wholesaler and they don't do that!

Looks like the company that manufacturers these bikes are in Chine. However they are assembled in frankfort Illinois.


  • Jul 26, 2017

I am a low income single mother of two children, I was looking for a way of transportation that woud not cost me as much as a vehicle would, as I could'nt affort that luxury. On 3/3/14 I made my purchase for a Moped scooter costing $2094.90. I waited 60 days and NOTHING, no shippment arrived. I made call after call after call and got no where. I just got excuse after excuse and then transfered to 4 differant people till eventually no one would speak with me or return my calls. I decided to use the credit toward another purchase since I was not able to recieve a refund. So at the time I needed furniture so I used the credit toward a Wicker Furniture Set on 7/7/14. Once again I patiently waited on my shippment to recieve NOTHING once again. I was furious at the least, I called and called and called, and got nowhere with any of the people I spoke with. Now at a loss of $2229.95 I was completely devistated, angry, and at a loss on what I should do. I couldnt afford a lawyer to file suit, tried to come up with the money to file myself but was at a dead end. I DO NOT RECCOMEND anyone to purchase anything from this horrible, dishonest, unprofessional company, just DONT DO IT!!!!

  • Sep 12, 2016

I purchased a golf cart from saferwholesale in February of 2015. I was told this was an excellent, well made cart and that they stood behind their product. The warranty states that it starts at the time of purchase, but they time it out so that you do not receive your product until after the 30 day warranty has expired. We didn't receive our cart till March. Because of inclement weather, we weren't able to use the cart for a while, and once we did we knew there was a problem after the first charge. The wiring was hanging out, so we called. We were told that we needed to take the cart to a mechanic to determine what was wrong and whenever we did to call back. We had no way to take the cart to anyone, so it was a while before I could take it somewhere.

When I did, I found out that the wiring was installed backwards, the batteries that came with the cart were outdated, and the charger simply didn't work and was old.

Even if the cart was 'reconditioned' the batteries should have been new, as well as the charger, and there is no excuse for wiring the cart backwards. We had to pay $1260 to have it fixed.

When I e-mailed saferwarehouse, I was simply told that the warranty had expired. period. No appology for selling out-dated, deceptive merchandise, no willingness to replace batteries that should not have been sold, or any explanation for sending a charger that didn't work and shoddy workmanship that the man who fixed it said was ridiculous.

In my opinion this organization is a racket. They sell products with outdated non working materials and then ship their product after the warranty has expired. Something should be done to stop this illegal organization. It is simply a scam.

  • Jul 29, 2016

I bought a power boat dolly that will not push my boat over a 1/4 plywood . its use less to me. how to return itwant charge a restockimg fee of 30% plus shipping fees .whch is $640.00 0n a $1469 item

  • Jun 17, 2016

I was searching for a trike kit for my Harley Davidson motorcycle and found an ad for $1495 advertised as a "today only sale." I called them and spoke with "Joe" he told me that price was only good if they were paid by a check over the phone. I informed him that I didn't have that much cash available in my checking account and.... I would like to purchase the kit using two different credit cards.... he told me that if I was using credit cards.... it would cost around $200 more. He suggested that I get a cash advance from a credit card company. He said that he could reserve the sale price if I made a $100 deposit using a check by phone.... unfortunately, I did the check by phone for $100 to reserve the sale price.

I checked with my credit card outfit and found out that they wanted 23.99% APR for cash advances so, I didn't go for it.

I called "Joe back and was told that since I wouldn't do a check by phone that the price would be $1,995. , adding to that.... was extra charge for using my credit cards... the price would be $2185 if I used credit cards. I agreed to the price and gave him two different credit card numbers to split the price between the two cards.

I was told the sale went through and I would receive my trike kit in 3-4 weeks.

I logged into my bank account the next day and noticed $1995 was deducted from my account by an electronic check paid to saferwholesale!!! I then checked my credit card accounts and.... sure as heck... there was $1000 charged to each one so.... not only did they fraudulently run a e-check.... they double charged me!

I called saferwholesale immediately and was told to call back at 7:00 am the next day and talk with their fraud dept.! Well.... I didn;t wait.... I immediately called my credit union that my checking account is with as well as one of my creditcards... luckily as of today.... my credit union retrieved my funds from both my checking and credit card accounts.

I also called my other credit card company and reported fraud.... they cancelled the account and opened a new one.... luckily... I am getting my money back within a week.

Watch out for these slippery snakes!

  • May 20, 2016

On 4 22 2016 1,300 was taken out of my account to purchase a dolly to move trailier up to 5,000 lbs. I was told by the sales department they would have it me the first week of May. The first week of may i followed up they said it was shipping and would go out May 6th. That guy said the guy gave me the wrong information. I called on May 9th, I was told that part is picked up on wedensdays only it was ready. I called to get the tracking number on Thursday and was told it would go out on Friday. Friday the 13th I was told monday. On Monday the 16th the guy told me he was looking at my order, it was built and it would ship on Wendesday the 18th. I just go off the phone with them a again and was told a it was not built and a part was on back order. It would go out next tuesday may 24th. He said the part to compete the order would be in tommorow friday the 20th. I asked what apart was back ordered, he told me he did not know that.

I feel I have been lied to over and over. Then I see 80 complanints about these guys now I am worried.

  • May 11, 2016

Safer wholesale / great sports has MANY phone numbers / locations and several business names .

A customer of mine was looking for a sidecar - unfortunately , I was busy at the time and allowed him to use my computer to look for something he would like . He found Great Sports and did NOT order from the web page or read all of their disclaimers etc . He ordered from a sales person during a phone call .

Long story (somewhat shorter version) is we BOTH talked to the folks at Great Sports and were assured that the hardware was for his bike SPECIFICALLY - as it turned out , the hardware is the cheapest, junkyest hardware I have ever seen to mount anything heavier than a licence plate on a motorcycle and NOT specific to the Victory Gunner at all - it's so flimsey that I wouldn't use it to hold up a badmitten net .

The sidecar fiberglass tub was AWFUL - crooked fiberglass work, wasted space behind seat with NO access. Everyone who looked at this contraption , mentioned this issue , armrest pads looked like a 7 yr old was trying to copy something that could be used as an armrest .

We called about returning the item - after my customer had already paid over $3000.00 for sidecar + freight etc, Great Sports ( safer wholesale ) wanted a restocking fee of 1/3 the original price + return shipping for THEIR MISREPRESENTATION of the product and NASTY attitude when trying to discuss the issue with the company.

My customer ( and friend by this time) reported all this ( and more ) to his credit card company and now after all sorts of conflab, including emails from me to the credit card company and over 90 days later , he has his money returned in full from the card company . So he did prevail over protests from Great Sports after months of ordeal .

Sooo - if you are dealing with Great Sports or Safer Wholesale - you may want to contact your card company as at least one method of getting your money back . An attourny may be of help , or you may wish to serve as your own Attorney ( lots of research but cheaper than hiring an attorney and YOU only have ONE case to keep track of) .

Hit your email list and ask your friends to read the MANY comments about Great Sports / Safer Wholesale and make an informed decision as to purchasing from this company . I would think that VERY FEW people actually report to the Scam report pages - just imagine how many OTHER people were dissatisfied .

  • Feb 27, 2016

I purchased a white 50cc scooter on Dec 25 2015, for my daughter.

One month later 1/25/2016, I am told the scooter is not available. I requested a refund and was told it would take a month. After another month 2/25/2016, I was told it would take another month which is unacceptable as a legitimate viable business.

This is a back room boiler operation using customer funds for whatever expenses they need to pay. This is an outrageous and unconscionable group without concern for clients!

It's ironic they call themselves Safer Wholesale with the best customer service on the net!

  • Dec 24, 2015

I put $400.00 down on a new 150cc moped because it was only on sale that day. And I was told I need to put some money down on it to get the on sale price. I had no idea about the no refund policy until they had my money. Im social security disability but I tried to work part time so I could at least afford something to drive because walking short distance hurts my hips and legs. And it got to were I couldn't even work part time. So I couldn't afford the moped or anything else so I had to move in with my son and his wife in Kansas. And now great sports has had my $400.00 dollars almost a year now it was 02-02-2015 when I put money down on the moped. .

  • Dec 18, 2015

Tried to order a gocart from this company but they did not have the item in stock. Ordered another item and got a call from my credit card company reporting a possible fraud because of the unusual nature of the activity. Within seconds a guy called from saferwholesale saying my card was declined, told him that it sould be okay now, he said that there would be an additional charge for shipping that was not reflected on the invioce for shipping. I told him that the invoice said shipping was free, he said that delivery was free, not shipping. I told him that anyone would assume shipping was free and that I needed him to cancel the order for being deceptive, he then started to argue and became belligerant.

  • Dec 4, 2015

Hello I bought a scooter with missing parts ,now it will not charge the battery at all ,and when it does it still doesn't work,I called,emailed,no one ever sent me my missing parts,now the battery will not even charge.It cost $400 ,I'm 50 years old,I only rode it 4 times.Please help.

  • Sep 24, 2015

On July 31, 2015 I ordered from Saferwholesale 2 Ascender Atv's and a trailer for a total of $6,299.85. The funds were transferred to them immediately by electronic check. 7 days later I got a call from Craig at Saferwholesale/Great Sports Inc. indicating that they no longer offered the Ascender Atv's but they had another 2 that were the same unit but just a different name called the Monster Utility Hummer Atv. I at first said yes and then after looking at the differences between them and finding out that the latter Atv's were $400 less and yet I was being charged the same price as the Ascenders, I decided not to purchase any of the products I had ordered.

I was then told I had to write a letter to [email protected] to stop shipment and get my money back. When I said I wanted to cancel my order I was treated with extreme ruddiness and then I was told I would have to pay a 30% restocking fee and I would have to wait 30-45 days before the check would be sent out! I then demanded That I get the whole amount back $6,299.85 and because they offered me units I did not want and telling me this 7 days after the fact, I felt that they defaulted on agreement and therefore any charges should be waved!

They then wrote me back saying that they would only charge me 15% on $6,299.85 which I did agree to, but then they came back with saying I would owe them $1,200 which is not 15% of $6,299.85. When I addressed the above they admitted they charged me too much and corrected it, however they then sent me another letter on August 31 stating that after agreeing to the 15% they then added another shipping fee of $952 making the total stolen from me $1,896.97. Nothing was ever shipped to me!!! How can I be charged for something that was never shipped???

It has now been almost 2 months and I have not received a dime of the $6,299.85 they stole from me!

  • Aug 20, 2015

I bought a motor scotter, they took 3 months to tell me it was not in stock paid for in oct did not get til april, i had to pay 400 dollars more then when i got it i did not get a title so i still have not been able to regester it and ride it

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