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Safe Auto Trucking LLC

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Philadelphia
Address 13512 Bustleton Ave Apt 5304
Phone 1 610-871-7777

Safe Auto Trucking LLC Reviews

  • Mar 15, 2023

These people are foreign telemarketers located NOT in the USA but rather in the Russian Caucuses, namely Uzbekistan. They are TELEMARKETERS and NOT "auto transport/trucking" specialists. They DO NOT own trucks. They engage in dirty, underhanded, deceptive business practices, in particular, trying to get the jump on all of the legitimate auto transport brokers by buying customer leads (people who want to get their cars shipped and are requesting quotes) from irelocation in Phoenix, AZ and then posting almost EVERY single prospective customer's vehicle on Central Dispatch to get an actual carrier (trucker) to call them before anyone else. In other words they are trying to beat everyone else to the punch by cheating. They even use American names (e.g. "Jacob Brown" or "Daniel Harris") to try and pass themselves off as being American. How shameful can you get! Avoid these scammers like the Bubonic Plague!!!

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