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Ryan Pinkston

Country United States
State California
City Daly City

Ryan Pinkston Reviews

  • Jan 12, 2022

Ryan Pinkston misrepresents himself. He is not who you think he is. He wants everyone to believe he is a Christian, singing Gospel Music and being carefree. He sings for Bethel Live, and the live stream has made comments on the show, that he is a person who did time in the penitentiary and is reformed, but Ryan is not reformed, far from it.

While I was renting a room out of a house, Ryan was dealing drugs (cocaine, crack, meth) out of his room. He would be up all night, letting people in the house and sell them crack cocaine, by turning the porch light out, so the camera who not show who was entering the house. He had a lot of activity going on during the midnight hours 5 out of the 7 days of the week. When he was high, he was a different person. He comes across as a nice person when he is not doing drugs, but he has a very dark side to him. He is also responsible for getting a house shut down because of his behavior and people had to move out and find another place to live. He was reported to the management company Suite Spots, but the owner (Ramon) just moved him to another house in Pacifica, CA.

Ryan was selling drugs out of the Pacifica House and it was also reported, but the management company Suite Spots and kicked everyone out of the house. When Ryan was kicked out, it was for non payment of rent and he left his drugs in the room along with a lot of trash and damage.

Beware of Ryan Pinkston. Do not rent to him and don't be his roommate, you'll regret it.

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